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You’re going to lose that sale

Customer Service & Sales

Joshua Davidson wrote this article

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One of the things that I hope to do in my lifetime is write a book on the art of selling.

It’s such a fascinating concept for me, both from the business side and the consumer side.

All of the emotion that goes into it.

All of the detail.

All of the things behind-the-scenes.

The luck involved.

The science involved.

The marketing, the advertising, the pitching, the meetings, the preparation.

Truly take a moment the next time you complete a transaction or hell, in discussions with a company like us here at Chop Dawg on building your app and truly think about everything that has led up to that moment, how everything can quickly move forward or fall apart in an instant.

It’s incredible.

One of the things that I’ve realized in recent months about making a sell, especially when it comes to the business to business (B2B) world, is you need to be mentally prepared at all times to both lose and win the sale.

It happens time and time again.

We’ll be in discussions with a new potential client of ours, excited as ever, and all of the sudden, you walk away from a meeting asking yourself what happened, is this going to fall apart?

Less than a few hours later after some emails, your excitement and optimism are back at an all-time high.

You realize months later when talking to your eventual client, they felt the same way at the same time. In one moment, they thought it wouldn’t be the right fit, next moment, they were in love.

Why is this an important discussion to have?

It’s important because the reality is, most places that talk about sales, always talk about it in absolutes.

Either how you’re going to lose the sale or how you’re going to win the sale. We’ve talked about it before on this blog too.

The emotion that goes into selling, how you need to truly believe in what you’re offering, understanding that you need to give your customers constant value.

What we haven’t discussed about is the roller coaster ride that is making the sale.

You need to be ready at any moment to lose a sale and immediately get on a telephone call with somebody new, excited and ready to go as ever, even though moments before you lost an opportunity you had been working on.

You need to be ready for someone you thought was a lost opportunity, to circle back with you months later out of the blue, ready to move forward.

You need to be ready to have a terrible meeting, but willing to do whatever it takes to right the ship and pull the opportunity back out of the trenches.

The art of selling is similar in many aspects to the art of war.

You need to have the mental toughness, the grind, the confidence, the ounce of doubt and optimism needed to be successful.

Anybody who reads this blog is going to be selling something.

You can own a small business storefront.

You can be a digital service company building apps for a client such as what we do here at Chop Dawg.

You can be a marketing firm.

You can be a theme park selling tickets.

You can be a band pitching to venues.

You can be an investor finding companies to invest in.

Endless examples, all deal with the same mental attitude, anguish and success that comes with sales.

You need to be mentally prepared, ready to lose a sale in one moment, win it in another, to be able to appreciate the moment, good and bad, roll with the punches, and continue to keep moving.

It won’t always be easy, but if you know in advance of getting into the warzone what all the possible outcomes are, and can remain confident charging head first into it, you’ll be in the strongest possible position to make the sale.

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  • Glen Hermit said:

    I agree with it: “you need to be mentally prepared at all times to both lose and win the sale”. And there is no shortcut

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