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Your Logo Doesn’t Make Your Brand

Design & Branding

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


What did you think the first time you heard of the search engine called Google?

I don’t want a bullshit answer here. Truly think to yourself, about the first thing you thought of when you heard about somebody, somewhere, using the website Google to search for things on the world-wide-web.

Odds are, like the majority of people reading this post, your reaction was the same as mine and a million of others. What in the hell is a Google?

Of course, now ask yourself, today, as of this very moment, what is your thought of the company called Google? I’m expecting something completely different. You probably think of the word innovative. Perhaps technology? Advanced? Quick? Growing? Moneymaker? Trustworthy? Robots? Self-driving cars? AdWords? Terminators? I’m sure we could keep going with this. The point being here, the name Google has a lot of clout behind it, a narrative that we are now all familiar with, that has turned Google from its “what the hell is that” storyline to the super power we all know and love (and love to hate) today.

So let’s get right to the point.

Why take this example above?

Because to be frank, way too many startups, including our very own clients, put way too much emphasis into their logo, and their brand. The mindset is always the same, if this doesn’t look absolutely perfect, no one will take us seriously.

Here is the thing. Your logo should look beautiful. It should be something that you are damn proud of. In fact, we work with some of the prettiest, sexiest, most recognizable brands in the market. With that said, that doesn’t matter ultimately to anyone but you, the entrepreneur, the executive, the marketer.

What matters is the product, the company, the customer service, and the overall package that stands behind the logo. If you excel at this, if this is where your priority is (and should be), your logo, even if it doesn’t look particularly flashy, it will still be recognized and mean something to your audience and customer base. It’s that simple. No magic tricks. No gimmicks. Just the truth. You can polish a turd, but it is still a turd.

What I often think happens, though I hope this is never the case, is that many companies put their logos on a pedestal, because they want it to disguise either the embarrassment of having a lackluster company, or the entrepreneur’s hesitations in their early stages about their company not being 100% up to the vision they have for it to become. This should never be the case. The logo isn’t simply a paint job to disguise a beater of a car. The consumer is smart, and will sniff out bullshit eventually. I’m sure that as a consumer, you have spotted scenarios such as this many times in the past. The company with the pretty look and logo, but terrible execution.

At the end of the day, you need to realize the hard truth, that the logo doesn’t make your brand, your company makes the logo. That when you prioritize what you’re doing, whether that is laying the foundation for a new product or growing an existing enterprise, that only one thing truly matters, the value and service being provided to your customers. If you excel at that, your logo, even if it is incredibly plain, to your audience, and to the marketplace, it will be seen as fourteen-karat gold.

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  • Sharon said:

    You know what, the logo really represents a company but the quality of work they deliver makes the impact of that logo, either good or bad.
    Nicely written, Joshua.

  • Beth said:

    Wow. So true.

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