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You need to think more about your product’s first impression

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Joshua Davidson wrote this article


I’m a huge fan of

If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur or a serial entrepreneur, it is your place to go for daily inspiration, your news on what’s new in many different industries, and perhaps my favorite thing to do, your go-to place to learn what is going wrong in the app world.

Why is the latter my favorite thing?

It’s that cautionary tale of learning what not to do, so you don’t repeat the same mistakes as others, allowing you a statistically better chance to succeed.

Who doesn’t love a competitive advantage?

This is why I bring up the subject of a product’s first impression.

This is the first thing a potential user sees, how you go about on-boarding, what happens when they use their product.

Too many companies are complicating this, making it overwhelming, and leaving millions of dollars and users on the table.

We all know the saying, less is more. Well, it is has been proven, time and time again, the fewer roadblocks you have for new users to signup, the more likely they will.

This makes all the difference when trying to grow a large, successful and self-sufficient company, does it not?

Now go onto Look at many of the applications being shared and ask yourself, how many are not following these fundamentals?

How many of these are overwhelming, not properly communicating, making the registration process become a burden?

If you’re building a new company, a new product, you need to immediately and consistently be asking yourself, how will this look to a new user, who has no idea what my company is about.

Remember, first time users do not know your story, do not know your purpose, and often, do not understand your value proposition. How are you going to communicate this quickly?

Here is a real thing to consider.

Think about how easy it is to hit the back button on a web browser.

Think about how easy it is to delete an application off of your phone.

Now that you’re thinking those scenarios, think about how much it costs you to acquire a new user.

Think about how difficult it was to get your brand out there.

With this mindset in place, now ask yourself, why in the world are you trying to lose the users you spent so much time, effort and money trying to obtain? Why are you making your experience lack in communication or worse, so complex, that many do not feel you offer the value to justify them taking the time to learn or register on your product?

You need to spend more time thinking about your first impression, often.

Grab feedback from those who have no idea or affiliation with you or your brand. A/B test your landing screens, your registration process. Second-guess and question every decision to justifying why something should exist on your product and if it’s value outweigh the potential negatives.

First impressions make or break you.

Have a bad first impression, and you won’t have the last impression to make.

You would have lost them already.

Don’t make that mistake. You work too hard and spend too much of your own money to win people over as is. Keep it simple, question everything, utilize data and use your best judgment to having the best first impression possible.

Your growth and your bottom line will thank you.

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