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You need to practice executing

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Joshua Davidson wrote this article


I’ve been talking a lot recently about how entrepreneurship is a lot like athletics.

You need to become absorbed by the entrepreneurial spirit. You need to begin researching the top performers in the game. You need to begin critiquing your own strategies. You need to practice self-awareness. You need to read books, listen to podcasts, learn from the best of the best. You need to learn about other industries, crafts, performers and broaden your own horizons. You need to study.

It’s very similar to how an athlete will practice, practice, practice, and then when not practicing, hit the gym, talk to the coaching staff on how to improve, watch the game tape to learn, etc.

It doesn’t matter how much you learn, it is worthless if you don’t try executing with the knowledge and seeing how you perform.

A lot of you read our blog often.

I receive dozens of emails every day, asking for me to expand upon something I wrote about, or how we at Chop Dawg executed on a specific strategy.

All great stuff and personally, I love this.

However, it does not matter how much you read.

It truthfully does not matter how much you actually absorb.

Sure, it is important, but the true, honest thing that actually matters, is how much you used from your learnings to execute.

You need to practice in order to improve, and most importantly, execute.

Practice makes perfect.

Practice will show you where you have learned, where you still need to improve, where you feel weakest in your game (the game in this scenario is entrepreneurship).

Practice selling to customers.

Practice talking to clients.

Practice your marketing.

Practice the way you lead your team.

Practice the way you are executing on your mobile app.

Once you’re done practicing, reflect.

Where could you improve?

Where did it go right?

Where did it fail miserably?

The more you practice with the knowledge you’re learning, the closer you’ll get to executing flawlessly. Above all, you’re forcing yourself just to execute with what you have.

You see, it all comes down to one thing. Most people are wantrepreneurs, not entrepreneurs. We’ve talked about it on this blog, more times than I could count.

Wantchapreneuers are attracted to the entrepreneurial lifestyle, but they aren’t inherently entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs actually want to do something on their own, are driven by it and know deep down this is what they are meant to do (and can do it well).

When you are practicing, you are executing, and even if you do not execute every single time, statistically you’re closer to executing and executing more flawlessly than ever before. For an entrepreneur, this is a dream come true. For the wantrepreneur, this is work, and hey, who wants to actually work? Oh, that is right, entrepreneurs do!

Practice makes perfect. Practice statistically increases your chances of executing. Execution is the difference between earning enough revenue to pay your employees, or closing up shop for good… and we all know, the latter is an unacceptable outcome.

So start practicing, and therefore, start executing. We’re counting on you.

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