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You Don’t Need to Be A Unicorn

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Joshua Davidson wrote this article

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Everyone wants to be the next Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Uber, Snapchat, Airbnb.

It’s not a secret.

We’ve been open before on this blog about how many entrepreneurs reach out to us, asking for an iteration to something already existing.

About how they have the next great billion dollar, IPO ready to happen and it all begins today.

Let’s state the facts here.

There is a reason why these companies are called unicorns.

I don’t want to undersell it. Not only is it incredibly hard, statistically, you won’t have a unicorn.

You need the right idea, the right market conditions, the right investors, the right traction, the right leadership and everything else in-between.

I’m not here to tear your dreams apart, though.

There is this amazing thing, something that isn’t as sexy but trust me, for most entrepreneurs we work with, they get it, and for a lot of you out there, it is the answer to your problems.

It’s making a real business that supports your lifestyle, your family, makes an impact, makes a difference and allows you to live your life to the fullest.

In the Four Hour Workweek by Tim Ferriss, he calls this a muse.

For the incredibly talented and success investor Chris Sacca, he calls this a lifestyle business.

The ability to still generate incredible wealth, make a difference, have something that people care about, not only is it possible, it is realistic for most.

You don’t need to be a unicorn to be wealthy.

You don’t need to be a unicorn to be recognized and awarded.

You don’t need to be a unicorn to be your own boss.

You don’t need to be a unicorn to be a success.

Having the ability to hire others, make an impact in your community, to generate thousands of dollars in profit a month, is all most people ever need to live a happy and independent life. It is all most people need to be and feel fulfilled.

It’s important to keep your goals in perspective as well as know how achievable they are for your business. Just because what you really want to do isn’t what the media often talks about doesn’t mean you’re not right.

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  • Beth said:

    Great article. I love this. So true. Everyone is so focused on creating the next Uber. It’s so annoying.

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