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You are going to be a success

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson wrote this article

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Positivity is like a magnet.

It only attracts other positive individuals.

I’m tired of meeting some many “aspiring” entrepreneurs who are fearful.

That they don’t believe they have what it takes. That they don’t believe they have a good enough idea to success. That they don’t believe they can put the time, effort and money into being a success.

I’m going to stop you all now.

Every single one of you, who are reading this blog post, who read our blog, listen to our podcast, work with us at Chop Dawg, have just taken the time to become better as an entrepreneur, will no doubt in my mind, be a success.

You’re already farther along than most people on this planet.

It’s one thing to say you want to be an entrepreneur, it’s another thing to take the first step and try to become one.

Being an entrepreneur is not entirely reasonable.

You literally have to be part-insane if you want to be one.

Think about it.

Why give up certainty and comfort?

Why give up wanting to work 9-to-5 and instead, work from when you open your eyes until your eyes close?

Why give up the best years of your life for stress, for the agony, for the financial burden, for the lack of social interactions in order to get work done?

Again, you have to be part-insane, right?

Here is the thing.

If you’re in this for the right reasons, and you’re giving it your all to become the best you can be, no doubt about it, you will be a success.

You might not be successful on your first sales pitch.

You might not be successful on your first hire.

You might not be successful on your first fire.

You might not be successful even in your eighth year of running a company.

You might not always meet or exceed expectations.

You might even let a customer down every now and then.

However, if you remain consistent, always remain hungry to learn more, always driven by the right outside factors, you will become a success.

Opportunities are all around us.

New customers.

New businesses.

New industries.

New connections.

Be positive.

Attract other positive individuals.

Attract opportunities to come to you.

Open yourself up to the world.

Give it your all. Just when you think you’re giving 100%, up it to beyond what you’ve ever done before and give it your 110%.

Success is hard.

There is a reason so few actually become successful.

Understand that, then embrace that.

Success isn’t just an upwards trajectory.

No, there are a lot of setbacks.

You will take steps backward.

However, make sure when you do take a step back, it is just a single step.

This way, when you are able to take a step forward, it isn’t just one step forward. No, it is ten steps forward.

You are going to be a success.

You start off by believing you will be a success.

As soon as you do, the rest, though it will take hard work, patience, persistence and yes, even consistency, will happen. Just trust the process and most importantly of all, trust yourself.

Start loving the journey and knowing that your end result will be one thing and one thing only, a success story.

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  • Pedehel said:

    This is the type of motivation most of us in this world needs on a day to day. It’s not easy for most to think in positive mind frame when things aren’t positive in your life at a particular moment. Words of motivation give knowledge, hope, and strengthen people for a better tomorrow even if today wasn’t great there’s always better things ahead in the near future.

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