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Why You Shouldn’t Be Afraid to Talk About Your Idea

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Tammy Slaughter wrote this article


Ideas are a commodity.

It’s one thing to hear that famous saying, but it’s another thing altogether to actually believe it.

As a startup or first-time entrepreneur, we understand how scary it can be talking to an outside agency about your idea.

But you know what’s scarier?

The potential missed opportunities and feedback you might never get by not talking about it.

Successful startups shout their ideas from the rooftop

why you shouldn't be afraid to talk about your idea

It’s true.

The startups that are the most successful in this game are not worried about someone hearing their idea and getting it to market first.

They know that so much more goes into the making of an idea than simply having it or doing it first.

And there are so many tangible benefits to be reaped from talking about your app idea early on.

Gaining an early audience of supporters

A large part of future success is the messaging (marketing) of your app.

Sure, no startup should really start marketing right away. There are other priorities to tackle first, like building an actual product or service to provide users or even proving it’s needed.

But as soon as your idea has proven it’s viability in the real-world and you have the resources (in this case, time and money), market away.

You don’t need a huge marketing budget in the early days. You just need relevant content and messaging.

Position yourself as an expert in the space your app will occupy. Post facts, statistics, video, images from your startup journey, about what your app is going to do and why. Get involved in your industry and get to know your future users intimately.

The “if you build it, they will come” analogy doesn’t apply to apps themselves, but it does apply when marketing. Start there, and start early.

Startups who are cuddled up to secrecy will miss this early window to build a valuable audience of day-one supporters.

And who knows, maybe your early audience will become your future app’s beta testers.

Get early proof of concept

What better way to know if your product or service will be a success in the real-world than asking that early audience of supporters you’ve amassed through your marketing efforts?

User feedback is so critical to an app, but it can be just as critical during app development.

Maybe there’s a feature you’d like to include in the day-one release of your app that your audience isn’t crazy about. You can save resources by skipping it now that you know it’s not a critical feature.

Or maybe your audience has an idea of a way to improve upon your early vision.

Social media is a weapon to be utilized when it comes to getting that early proof of concept.

Ask your audience what they want. It’s that simple.

Of course, all of the above benefits are null and void if no one knows about your idea yet.

Critical feedback you may otherwise miss

We’ve been in this business for ten years, but you’d be surprised how many individuals are hesitant to talk about critical components of their future app with us, even after signing our Mutual NDA.

Which is silly for two reasons:

1. Chop Dawg wouldn’t still be around if we were running around stealing app ideas.

2. How can we give you our honest feedback, advice and recommendations for your future app if we are not able to discuss it freely?

I shudder to think of how many have walked away from an initial consultation with us with no clearer understanding of the project at hand or how we could actually help.

Don’t sacrifice getting critical, early feedback for the sake of secrecy. Your app idea is just too important for that.

Of course, we also respect and understand the need for discretion, and that’s why we provide a Mutual NDA for anyone who needs it.

But this concept of getting early feedback applies far beyond working with us, however, and extends into the real world.

Making life-changing connections early on

So much of business is pure and simple serendipity.

Being in the right place at the right time talking to the right person.

Whether it’s at a networking event, conference, or in the grocery aisle. You never know where business opportunities will strike.

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to make a connection that could change everything for you and your future app by keeping it a secret.

The reality is, there’s virtually nothing stopping somebody else from re-creating your app under a different name and company once the ‘secret’s out’ anyways.

You might be thinking, well, what if we get a technology patent?

That’d be awesome – but they’re very hard to secure for an app, no matter how innovative the idea.

This isn’t meant to scare you, only to make you aware of how important execution is when it comes to your app and the company that powers it.

It’s all comes down to the execution

Ever heard of Slack?

We use Slack everyday here at Chop Dawg to stay connected with our team on ongoing projects and beyond.

It’s an intuitive workplace messaging and collaboration tool that’s amassed 10 million daily active users and was valued at $17 billion ahead of their recent IPO. Pretty amazing, right?

But when Slack first came around in early 2013, they actually got a lot of flack.

People wondered why on Earth we needed another messaging application. These collaboration tools were seemingly a dime a dozen.

But while similar in theory, Slack decided to focus their application on teams, not individuals.

And it worked!

Today, Slack is used by 77% of the Fortune 100.

Their execution on a ‘run-of-the-mill’ idea secured them a coveted seat amongst some of the fastest growing companies in the world.

And while many more tools have joined Slack in the workplace collaboration market since, Slack’s fun messaging and tagline to “Be Less Busy” resonates above all the rest with users today. The company’s idea to use Slack to replace chat tools, file sharing, and email is still a hit with users, despite the plethora of tools out there today that do the very same thing.

At Chop Dawg, your idea is in good hands

It’s amazing that with all the incredible companies already in existence today, there are still so many innovative ideas just waiting to be had.

There’s still household names waiting to be disrupted (just further proof if you needed it – companies that have been around for years will be put out of business by startups offering the same services).

There are still entire industries ripe for technological innovation, new pain points desperately waiting to be assuaged by digital technology, and audiences waiting to be catered to through an app.

We are amazed everyday at the groundbreaking ideas of past, current and potential clients we have the honor of working with here at Chop Dawg.

But one thing we know from experience: it doesn’t matter how good the idea is, it’s about how it’s executed upon.

And that’s why we take our job so seriously as app developers and your technical partner. We don’t want to be part of the reason your idea doesn’t succeed.

So we will do whatever we can to make sure your app is innovative, user-friendly, and has real-world applications.

We’re going to ask the hard questions, and give you our honest feedback. And if there’s a better, faster, even cheaper, way to do it, we’re not afraid to say so.

All that we ask for is your honest insights and collaboration along the way to us making your idea a reality.

So if you’re ready to Make It App’n, schedule your free consultation!

And in the meantime, go ahead and shout about your idea off the rooftops!

Really, it’s okay.

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