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Why We Love React Native


Isadora Teich wrote this article


App building is a complicated process with many different parts.

First of all, you need to know what kind of app will best work for your business. Then you need to figure out how to make this idea a reality. Who should you work with? How exactly do you approach building something real from only an idea?

Apps are created with code, but knowing this in itself is not such a simple thing. Did you know that there are more than 250 coding languages out there? All have their pros, cons, and ideal applications.

At Chop Dawg, we are well-versed in about half a dozen of these, but our favorite by far is React Native.

In this post, we will explore why we love React Native, what it does, and show you examples of how we have utilized it to make it app’n for a variety of different clients. Each has a different kind of business and different goals.

Did you know that many of the most famous companies and apps in the world use React Native as well?

Let’s take a look!

What Is React Native?

React Native is a framework.

With it, you can build native mobile apps using Javascript. Due to the nature of the platform, it offers users incredible flexibility. For example, you can use it to build an entire app from scratch. However, it can also be applied to existing iOS or Android projects to improve them. On top of this, React Native allows you to create one codebase, which can be used cross-platform to integrate changes quickly.

In some cases, developers have to essentially create one version of an app for Android and another for iOS. When you use React Native, you do not have to do this. As such, it saves both time and money.

Having only one code rather than multiple is more efficient up front, but also in the long term.

Instead of having to create and then later invest in maintaining multiple codes for a single app, you only have to worry about one base code.

Where Did React Native Come From?

Like most innovations, React Native was born from necessity. It was created by Facebook because they were looking to solve a problem.

Facebook is the largest social media company on earth.

However, there is no handbook on running a massive social media corporation with global reach. Remember, they are figuring it out as they go.

Initially, the Facebook mobile app had a big problem. They had one code for iOS and a different code for Android, meaning that keeping app updates consistent and quick for their billion daily users was a huge pain.

Now, thanks to their creation of React Native, they can use Javascript to publish updates to their app for iOS and Android users at the same time, seamlessly. This means that everyone gets the exact same experience consistently.

While everyone loves to hate Facebook, they did everyone in our industry a massive favor by creating React JS and React Native and releasing them to the web completely open source. This means that developers can use and play around with this technology for free. Undoubtedly, their creation makes app development more streamlined and cost-effective.

React Native Is More Popular Than You Think

In fact, whether you are into the world of apps or not, you have almost definitely already interacted with it. If you are one of Facebook’s billion daily users, it has already been a part of your life, likely for years.

On top of this, Uber Eats, Skype, Shopify Airbnb, and even Walmart also utilize this framework. In fact, amongst the top 500 apps in the US, nearly a fifth of them use React Native.

Microsoft even has its own version of the framework and recently released the React Native Gallery app in the Microsoft Store.

If you want to take a closer look specifically at how we use it with our clients, here is a linked list of some of our recent projects!

We have included both the Android and iOS versions so you can explore them and see exactly what React Native empowers us to create.

Cuzzo Trivia (iOS) | Cuzzo Trivia (Google Play)

Mister Softee (iOS) | Mister Softee (Google Play)

SportScore (iOS) | SportScore (Google Play)

Rhodes101 (iOS) | Rhodes101 (Google Play)

Ally Home Care (iOS) | Ally Home Care (Google Play)

Check out our portfolio to see even more!

What Exactly Do They Mean By “Native,” Anyway?

When code is created as ‘native,’ it means that it was crafted for and with use on a specific device in mind. This means that it can be closely integrated with a specific operating system.

React Native allows you to escape this box.

Your account gets stored within the app, rather than the system it will connect to.Keep in mind, however, in some instances, apps do require the strict integration that only native programming can accomplish.

However, even in these instances, React Native does not limit your options.

This is because it is not an all-or-nothing option. You can utilize only the parts of it that you need when you need them.

For example, you can use React Native for the bones of your app. Then, on top of that, you can make use of other coding languages and systems for bells and whistles which need a more specialized touch to integrate seamlessly with device controls.

Why We Love React Native

Essentially, this platform gives most developers and businesses exactly what they want.

You can develop an app using only one base code, that will work well across multiple platforms, without sacrificing quality. Instead of spending money and time developing and maintaining multiple entirely different base codes to keep one app afloat, you can give users the same experience with only a single code.

This saves time, money, and frustration. Again, you want to make sure that all of your users have the same seamless experience regardless of where they are accessing your app, or with which device.

React Native gives us the options, flexibility, and tools to make that happen!

If you have any questions about React Native or creating your very own app, reach out to us to schedule a free consultation.

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