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What happens when you select the wrong development firm?


Joshua Davidson wrote this article


We talk to hundreds of entrepreneurs and companies, every single year, who express their interest in potentially working with us to help build their products, scale their companies and ultimately, see them succeed.

We love it.

It is why we do what we do.

It is what drives us to make an impact on our industry, our community, our clients and our overall company mission to help make a difference in the world.

With that said, on paper, we aren’t always the right fit for everyone.

A lot of the times, it comes down to two particular reasons: timeframes and budgets.

It’s the same in all industries, not just ours, and it is respectable. Companies need to work within the logistical and financial constraints they have for their companies.

At the same time, we can’t underprice ourselves, overcharge our clients, or make empty promises that translate into failed projects, extended timeframes, and over budgeted projects. Due to that, we occasionally lose potential clients who we would have had loved a chance to help.

Here is the frightening thing.. when we hear from these individuals, again, who ended up going elsewhere, coming back to us months later, emotionally defeated, thousands of dollars in the hole, time lost and the threat of a competitor beating them to market with them still being stuck at stage one.

How does this happen?

We’ve talked about it before, the state of our industry on this very blog.

When you’re in a space where a teenager promises to build you the next Facebook for $500.00, a firm overseas promising to charge you $15.00/hour and companies like us that charge you a real, authentic and carefully thought-out rates, you have a lot of choices.

Ultimately for those who lack the education in our space, they try to save a buck or go with the quickest timeframe. Ultimately, most fail as the company or individual that promised them this too-good-to-be-true offer, well, was way-too-good-to-be-true. This is what happens when you select the wrong development firm.

So here is a real scenario of how this plays out.

We had a potential awesome client reach out to us in early 2015, expressing her interest in having us help her build her app idea. We were thrilled. Spent weeks carefully planning the scope of work, the team necessary and a game plan to hit the ground running. Her projected costs were $75,000.00 (USD) at about 7-8 months of work.

So, what happened?

She had another firm promise her the same thing… at a fraction of our cost and timeframe (about $10,000.00 at 2-3 months). We explained to her that we could in no way match that, as the timeframe and costs we were providing were carefully laid out, matching exactly what we believed and felt most comfortable as a company.

She went with the other firm.

The story stops here, right? Wrong.

In late 2015, she emailed us.

She apologized for going with the other firm and asked us if we still had the availability to work with us. We, of course, wanted to help and ended up taking on her original pricing, timeframe, and scope that was carefully planned.

What happened in the meantime?

She dropped over $25,000.00 (USD) into the other firm, lost almost eight months of work, and ended up with absolutely nothing to show for it except a smaller bank account.

In fact, she ended up having eight months added onto her project that she didn’t need to have done, and paid an additional $25,000.00 (USD) more in costs to bring her idea to life than she had too.

Again, case in point, this is what happens when you select the wrong development firm.

The point being, you need a partner.

You need a team.

You need to be willing to pay the right price for the quality.

It doesn’t mean you should be taken advantage of. It doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do your homework and compare multiple firms such as us here at Chop Dawg.

What it means, though, often times, when it seems too-good-to-be-true, it is.

If you decide to chase the mirage, expect to end up much thirstier and emotionally taxed than if you went the direction that would have been right at the get-go.

The concept of saving a few dollars can end up costing you thousands more in additional work building an entirely new relationship, lost time and lost potential business. This is what will happen to you if you select the wrong development firm. Don’t make the same mistake that thousands of other entrepreneurs have made.

Quality mobile and web development firms like us here at Chop Dawg exist for a reason.

We are the best of the best at what we do.

We build the world’s best mobile apps, web apps, and wearable apps.

We are on this planet for one specific purpose, to help entrepreneurs and companies.

We focus on working with our clients to see them not only have successful projects with us but succeed in seeing a return on investment on what they spend with us. To see them scale and grow for the long-term.

Look for companies like us. Don’t make the same mistakes that many others will make this year, next year and years to come.

Don’t go for cheap. Go for quality.

Go for reasonable quality, but go for quality.

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  • Jann said:

    I have seen this exact thing happen in our proposal process. I had even told people, “Don’t be embarrassed to come back. We’ll be here. “

  • Travis said:

    It’s funny you say this, I just took on a new client today at my new firm who has spent 2 YEARS on a project that’s we’re going to be rebuilding. He hired two firms who ended up outsourcing it to foreigners behind his back..

    His exact words and I quote were, “I wish I would have found you guys two years ago.”

    When it comes to development, you get what you pay for. The one thing I believe though is 3 months is plenty of time to get almost any MVP out the door. But it’s not the end of development. I would much rather see my clients get a product to market and start working on the feedback loop right away versus grind it out for 7-8 months to get every feature in, etc. But that’s just the way I like to do it.

    I honestly feel that if you can’t get a MVP out for your client in 3 months you’re doing something terribly wrong.

    Great article thanks!

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