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What Does ‘Make It App’n’ Mean?


Mason Carter wrote this article


You may have noticed that we have a new mantra that we’ve been shouting from the rooftops, and emblazoned on everything from t-shirts to hats.

“Make It App’n”.

But what does “Make It App’n” mean to us?

Most importantly, what does it mean for you?

On the surface, “Make It App’n” marks the line in the sand for people that want to take their businesses into 2020.

They want to build out their app infrastructure. They know that if they don’t, their businesses will fall behind in the face of changing standards. The reality is, businesses need to create new, data-driven ways to reach their customers, which means fundamentally changing the way they operate and market themselves.

Chop Dawg exists to serve this transitional need for businesses across all industries, from small businesses and non-profits to enterprise-level companies.

To Chop Dawg, ‘Making It App’n’ means:


-Not waiting for the “perfect time” because the perfect time doesn’t exist. The time to have built an app was 10 years ago, so start right now.


-Having the motivation to reach as many people as possible through technology.


-Giving it your all to come out with something because it’s about creating something of substance and value that you are proud of and can make a difference.


-It’s about leveraging technology to help your business and help society as a whole.

How can we build apps for businesses so they are in lockstep with the future?

It’s easy to focus on the short-term.

The number of applications that have been released on the App Store and the Google Play store is staggering.

But we suggest you gravitate yourself away from the typical app store paradigm. That paradigm is going to change soon, anyway.

Someday soon, people may be using the app stores less, and gravitate towards more integrated experiences with the technology and apps we are using.

– Applications are going to become more integrated with our lives, but yet I also see an inflection point where apps utilize screens less, too.


– We can either utilize technology to distract people and hold them back. Or we can leverage technology to create tools that are going to enhance lives.


– There will be more applications that come out to bring communities from around the world together. Just look at how social media apps are evolving.


-Applications will become more and more personalized, helping people to become their best selves and freeing their time to do the things that make a real difference.

The new economy we are is in a point of transition. In other words, it’s a golden opportunity!

Businesses have never had a better opportunity to have a 1:1 connection with their customers at scale. I’m talking about the types of 1:1 connections that people have with their local businesses on Main Street, but at scale.

The businesses that take advantage of the opportunity to connect with more people 1:1 will thrive. The others that can’t truly connect 1:1 at scale will get lost in the shuffle.

More businesses need to become relationship-driven. Think about how personalized applications have become and how much more personalized they will become. This is a crucial step for businesses to take in order to succeed in the next economic transition.

– The businesses that know how to leverage their relationships with customers through technology will continue to thrive. And those that don’t ,will get lost in the transition.


– Now is a great point to get in on the transition. There are many needs that people have that require attention. Look for the problems that can be solved through technology that haven’t been solved yet.

The word “application” encompasses so much more than just something you play with on your smartphone. Apps are going to power our daily realities, and possibly add new layers.

Many clients that we work with are non-technical. But often, they have the most impactful ideas.

Our non-technical clients may be just starting their businesses or they may have been in business for years.

Either way, they don’t have the resources to make the necessary transition with their tech infrastructure alone. It costs a lot of money to hire and train in-house developers that can do exactly what a business wants.

But they have some amazing ideas about how to transform the space they’re experts in.

That’s where we come in and Make It App’n for them.

We feel a sense of duty to make these great ideas into tangible realities. It would be a real tragedy if their ideas could not come to fruition just because they didn’t have the resources to get there.

This is the number one reason this mantra is so close to our hearts.

Anyone that wants to enter this new economy can, but they need the resources and the knowledge. If they don’t have the resources to get started, we can provide them with an established team that has been through it all, with ten years of experience building mobile apps and helping businesses and startups alike to craft their day one vision for their companies.

How do you transition your business to a mobile-first economy?

The Internet of Things (IoT) is going to become a standard in many industries.

We are in the beginning stages of IoT right now. We’ve seen the progress that has been made for the connected home.

But IoT is going to become much more advanced if the 5G network is rolled out. I recommend for all businesses to examine the potential economic opportunities from this technology.

– IoT businesses will be everywhere, reaching industries from transportation, energy, and agriculture.


– And businesses are going to become intertwined as connected applications will be able to speak to each other. IoT will facilitate that communication.


– Businesses will be moving to the cloud.

Applications in the future will be built lighter than ever before too. It’ll be less about building code from the ground up and more like connecting existing frameworks. Applications will be designed and deployed quickly and more cost-effective, relying more heavily on third-party application programming interfaces (APIs).

These are changes we’ve already implemented in the way we develop our digital products here at Chop Dawg, by the way. It’s the same reason we choose to use React Native for most if not all of our client’s products today.

If there’s an easier, more cost-effective, or better way to ‘Make It App’n’, we aren’t afraid to tell you.

It’s as simple as that.

This is an exciting time for mobile apps – and for your business

What we want to build for you is an app with a 2020 vision with answers to tomorrow’s questions.

In order to create an app that’s built for 2020 together, we offer you our expertise, our 10 years of experience, and our knowledge of what’s coming.

Now is the time to ask yourself if you want to be more connected to your customers at scale or less.

“Making It App’n” is a collaborative process

Make It appn

Its a process between you, the brilliant idea creator, and us, the people that help bring it to life.

Our goal is to become an extension of your own team while turning your dream into a tangible reality.

All this, without the headaches and the large overhead costs typically associated with in-house app development, of course.

So that’s how we believe we can “Make It App’n” for you.

The question is, are you ready?

If the answer is ‘yes’, you can schedule your free consultation here.

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