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We’re Getting into the Podcasting Game

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Joshua Davidson wrote this article

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As we embark on a brand new year, I’ve focused on using this blog for more than just self-help articles and for a source of motivation. I also want our audience to have a full, transparent view of exactly why we do the things that we do here at Chop Dawg, and our method of madness behind such things. I believe not only can this be a great way to properly communicate our narrative to our audience much more often – but as well, even this, can serve as a great piece of content to our fans, friends, and clients which they can then implement into their game plans and strategies for their own companies too.

Most of you that follow us on social media (hint hint, Twitter, Facebook and Instagram) have probably already learned that we have released a brand new podcast to start the new year, called the Pawdcast (what do you think of the name, dawg?). This is something truly exciting for us.

We’ve already released the very first episode with our friends at Cowerks in Asbury Park, New Jersey that you can listen to here on Soundcloud (or here on iTunes). We also have another very exciting episode in the works coming in the next 1-2 weeks with the talented Jeff Slobotski of Silicon Prairie News, Router Ventures, and the Big Omaha Conference.

So what’s the deal with the Pawdcast? Why are we doing this? For starters, the best answer is simple – because it is fun. Not the answer you were probably expecting, right? It’s the truth though. Internally, we have been considering a podcast for over two years now; just because of how fun it is to have a conversation with intelligent people. We’ve known for a while just how amazing our network is, and the type of content that can come out of recording conversations with these individuals. We realized that being able to connect with these individuals would be a blast. In fact, in December of 2014 (over a year ago) – we tried testing this out with what at the time we were calling the show, Winding Down with Chop Dawg (here’s the evidence).

Life is just too short not to have fun. That’s of course, not the only reason why. Another reason, leading into our great network, it is a great way to truly connect with these talented individuals and build even better relationships with them. It is no secret that when you share fun opportunities with others, great relationships are forged. It isn’t just for personal relationships but business relationships too. I can’t say enough how many amazing friendships I have built with my clients and colleagues; not from working together – but grabbing dinner, a drink, or doing something unique with them. Having the chance to spend an hour to an hour and a half with a talented individual becomes a great bonding experience and such a unique way to learn about what truly makes them tick.

The third reason, content is king. It’s clearly evident why we write so much content on this blog, why we share so much on social media, and why we try to help as many people as possible. Content builds trust. It builds respect. It validates what we do. It builds exposure. Podcasting gives us another whole new medium to share our story, help those in our audience learn more about the industry, develop new tips and tricks to building bigger, better companies, and everything in-between. You can get even more meta though. The content from our podcast will even help us develop more content for this blog. We can use some of the topics we talk about on the podcast and go into even more detail on this blog about them. They’re a never-ending source of material to use here.

Perhaps the biggest thing, podcasting, though it has been around for awhile, is starting to finally hit the mainstream and it is still early enough that the market isn’t saturated yet. We want to tap into this potential before the cost of entry is just too high. It’s a great way for us to build our exposure with a whole new audience, help a lot more people with knowledge, and yes, on the business side of things, attract new clients over time to continue to grow our company while growing theirs too. The ultimate win-win scenario and strategy, while at the same time, having the opportunity every few weeks to have a little fun for an extra hour or two.

So, what exactly is the Pawdcast and its purpose as a show? It’s simple. We want to chat with the most talented individuals that we know. Notice that we didn’t limit this to just being startup related. We just want to talk to talented people who excel at what they do. They are entrepreneurs. Athletes. Business-minds. Artists. Creatives. Non-profits. Video producers. Musicians. We want to start learning about what similar traits tend to be found in successful people, what differs, and the habits they have which some of us can implement into our own lives. We also want to learn more about their own beliefs and philosophies. Why do they do the things that they do? What were the turning points in their lives? How do they balance their lifestyle with their family? What are their top priorities? This is a way to truly dive deep into what makes successful people tick and how we can implement these strategies back in the startup, entrepreneurial world.

2016 is going to be a very fun year for us at Chop Dawg,. We have more amazing clients than ever before. We have more content being produced on social media than ever before (follow us on Twitter, like us on Facebook, add us on Instagram). We have more posts being added to our blog daily. And now, we have a brand new Pawdcast for your favorite device (Soundcloud here, iTunes here).

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