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Stop Designing Your App In Isolation, Create Something To Show The World

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Joshua Davidson released this video


Imagine if you could know what people think of your app before you code anything?

You wouldn’t need to spend so much money on getting an app out into the market, only to see that users are confused and unenthused.

With non-functioning prototypes, those designed in isolation from how the final product are destined for failure.

We’ve seen this disconnect between developers and designers far too often. The developers catch themselves not understanding the vision, but just the function, and the designers who don’t know how form needs function to work in real life.

Because with a non-functioning prototype, it’s not like you’re making one just for kicks, right? Surely you want a real product to come out of your demo, we’re assuming?

So how do you create a non-functioning prototype that can serve as the merging between design and development? The solution is remarkably simple.

In This Video You’ll Learn About:

1. How to make a real app before coding anything. Yes, you read that right. Non-functioning prototypes can give the illusion of an app that’s actually working…

2.  Creating a non-functioning prototype that can serve as a beautiful demonstration tool for users

3. Making something that can be roadmap for developers, and thus matching what’s in your head, to what’s on paper, to what people can actually use

If You Have Any Questions:

Please do not hesitate to ask! So much money can be saved from creating a non-functioning prototype that is compatible with future app development, and I want to make sure that if you are feeling any hesitation or confusion that you’re set on the right path.

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