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Real Talk: How Great Products Are Born

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson released this video


The best companies and products aren’t born the same way a strike of lightning hits the evening sky.

No, it isn’t as dramatic, or as magical as Hollywood, newspapers, and the overall media has made an entrepreneur’s journey seem to be.

Instead, the best ideas are born from a problem that you needed to solve, that you couldn’t get out of your head.

You soon realize, hey, perhaps others are facing the same challenges as you, and now you have the solution that can solve it.

Great ideas are born from a need, not from sitting around, waiting until that light bulb on top of your head turns on.

This video breaks down the process of what goes into finding a great idea for an app, company, or product. We also go into detail on this video about the importance of not only finding a great idea with an audience but understanding the value proposition of your idea to that audience. We also dive deep in this video on how to talk, find, and sell to your audience on your great idea, making your idea last into something special.

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