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Don’t Set Yourself Up For A Logistics Nightmare When Programming An MVP


Mason Carter released this video


In our experience in fixing apps that aren’t built to function correctly, we’ve almost always found the culprit to be a lack of “design sense” in planning. In this video, we discuss how both frontend and backend programming go hand-in-hand.

A careful understanding of front end and back end programming ensures your app doesn’t just look good. It needs to have a brain.

When frontend development and backend development happens is determined by if you are creating a mobile app or a web app. There is less of a degree of separation with mobile apps, and the front end form figures heavily into the apps backend brain.

What is the biggest thing that separates good apps from bad?

It’s all about the little details. In this video, we dive into what you need to do to make sure that your app can meet users’ expectations (and inspire them to set time for it) by launch.

What Does It Take To Build A Next-Generation App?

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