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The Mistake I Made In 2005 By Not Treating My Website Like A True Online Business

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Mason Carter released this video


Back in 2005, some of you may know I ran a website called Great Adventure Online. It was a fan site for the popular New Jersey theme park, Six Flags Great Adventure. And it became so popular that for quite awhile when you Googled it, my website would be ranked higher than the actual official site to Six Flags.

I managed to grow this site to an active online community of over 2,500 daily fans with over 40,000 hits a month; and even larger during peak season.

When you’re 12-14 years old, this is an unfathomable number.

I still remember clearly the advice given to me by then park president, Mark Kane.

He asked me how I was making money on this. I told him I wasn’t.

He was shocked, and immediately followed up with a stern, why not?

I couldn’t comprehend the concept is making money on the internet, let alone, how to make money. I was running this website only because I loved it, I didn’t consider it a true online business. But this conversation immediately struck a chord. Immediately, I began figuring out how to capitalize on this platform and started earning some money.

In this video, I’ll explain how I failed when trying to earn money on my website

I quickly destroyed what made my site great through monetization, but it was because I had no consideration for my visitors. I had completely sold out my audience in my pursuits. So in this video, you’ll know what not to do AND what you need to consider first when coming up with a monetization plan for your online business.

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