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Why We’ll Turn You Away If You Want Our Team To Build An Unproven E-Commerce Site

Revenue & Finances

Mason Carter released this video


E-commerce is a competitive game to get into.

Not only do you have so many stores that now exist vying for dollars, but you also have the Amazon juggernaut to contend with.

When you start your site, you’re positioning yourself for much better long-term profitability than being on Amazon, but you need to make sure you can prove the model before investing.

In this video, we will tell you how to build an e-commerce MVP all by yourself and all the associated costs.

You don’t need a technical background or to hire a team to get started on an e-commerce business. There’s Shopify, there’s Squarespace, and many more SaaS options that you can use to quickly build out a concept, test it, and then make the decision if you need a custom e-commerce site to scale. In the long term, some fees could become parasitic to your business, but in the short-term paying, smaller fees over time is a lot better than paying one big upfront cost.

Additionally, we’ll be talking about payment processors. Merchant fees are something you are going to need to get used to in e-commerce!

We cannot emphasize this enough: have an MVP mindset!

For anyone that is getting into the game of selling, we always recommend that they watch our other video series as a companion to this one. It’s not about stripping down the quality of your offering, and it’s about having a frugal mindset and only doing what is necessary to get sales. Slapping down major cash on something untested is absurd. Watch that series here.

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