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E-Commerce is so much more than the online storefront

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Joshua Davidson released this video


What do you think of when you hear the word e-commerce?

Do you think about an Amazon storefront or a drop shipping website?

While a lot of e-commerce is based on selling physical products online, there are so many other ways that e-commerce can fit into almost any business model.

E-commerce is a transaction of buying and selling online. It goes well beyond the traditional storefront.

If your business is online, you need e-commerce.

E-commerce isn’t just about buying and selling products. If your business is going to make money online, it will need at least some part of e-commerce as a part of its revenue engine.

Whether you have ads on your site, subscriptions, digital downloads, exchange currencies, or a thousand other things, without e-commerce; you won’t make money.

In this first video, we’ll go over the basic types of e-commerce that may need to fit in with your business model.

Many companies are investing enormous volume into e-commerce. The word e-commerce itself is a broad term for the transaction of buying and selling online. The technology under the hood has been rapidly changing, and so there’s a lot to learn if you are new to this. So where do you fit in? In this first video, we’ll take the first step to figure that out together.

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