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Making It App’n with Janet Sturts, Co-Founder of Willow

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Philadelphia-based startup Willow is on a mission to modernize the funeral industry.

After losing her father ten years ago at just twenty-two, Janet Sturts and her siblings were faced with one of the most difficult times they’d ever faced, not to mention needing to plan and pay for a funeral.

After witnessing the outpouring of support her father received in the form of opulent flowers, cards and requests to “let us know if you need anything at all,” Janet realized there had to be a better way to support your loved ones after a sudden death; namely, one that included money and donations towards items specifically needed at the service.

The average cost of a funeral today is around $10,000.

Janet and her siblings were able to scrape together around $8,000 for a service honoring their late father, but ultimately made the painful decision to cremate him due to lack of funds.

The reality is, they did need help: help paying for the service itself.

But asking for money outright, even from loved ones and relatives in a time of need, is somewhat taboo.

Janet approached Chop Dawg in Spring of 2018 with the idea of building an app to change the way we plan and pay for funerals.

Thus, Willow was born.

The team at Chop Dawg immediately jumped on board, and a plan was set to create a non-functional prototype Janet could use to pitch Willow to potential investors, clients and users alike.

Watch the video to hear Janet’s experience working with Chop Dawg to build her prototype!

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