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Unpacking Samsung’s Hottest Technology for 2019


Josue Castillo wrote this article


At Chop Dawg, we are very excited to give you this update from the mobile realm.

You may have seen or heard about the recent ‘Unpacked 2019′ event hosted by Samsung highlighting what they have in store for 2019.

Samsung’s vision: “To use 5G and AI to innovate mobile experiences and pave the road for the rest of the industry.”

They have decided to leave their mark by ingraining this philosophy into every device.

Now, it’s our turn to watch if the rest of the market accepts their lead or takes a completely different route.

You heard it here folks, the Samsung family is growing and packing a punch in 2019 with some pretty revolutionary new features.

Let’s dive into the jaw-dropping updates Samsung has cooking for us all in 2019.

Samsung Galaxy Fold

The revolutionary Galaxy Fold has a diagonal length of 4.6-inches folded, but fully opened, has the capability to turn into a 7.3-inch tablet.

Other features that make this phone one of a kind are:

– Three app multitasking

– An “Infinity Flex” display

– App continuity

– Six cameras

– Dual battery system

– 5G compatibility

5G is going to have a major impact on how we use our mobile devices moving forward, especially when it comes to apps.

App continuity means you will have the ability when using an app in folded mode to continue where you left off in unfolded mode (and vice-versa). This is a big deal because it provides a seamless (and stunning) user experience.

Let’s not forget about the powerhouse the phone has under the hood: a top of the line processor, a stunning 12-gigabytes of RAM, and 512-gigabytes of on-board storage.

Our Take:


Developers and designers will be able to think outside of the box (literally) when it comes to apps. This innovation will push apps to the outer limits of what we’ve seen so far with AR, VR, streaming and entertainment apps. Bear in mind, however, this will most likely add to the scope of app development overall as you’ll need an app that’s accessible on folded mode with the ability to scale the app so that it is every bit as stunning in unfolded mode. In some situations, this might mean removing certain features so that every pixel is used effectively.

And keep an eye out for the S10, a must-have for those who want a great camera, more storage than you know what to do with, and basically a supercomputer in your pocket.

Samsung S Series

Next, let’s talk about a phone which is a Frankenstein build between a professional camera and a laptop that can fit in your pocket: the Samsung S10.

The Biggest Features:


– Charge sharing

– Wireless charging

– 12-gigabytes of RAM

– 1 terra-byte of onboard storage (which can be upgraded to 1.5 terra-byte)

– Wifi 6

– Ultrasonic finger print scanner

– Five cameras

– Professional software for the cameras.

Samsung partnered with Adobe to create new photo editing software,  and a camera app fused with Instagram to make it easier to stay social, complete with a camera powered by AI to ensure you get professional-grade high-quality shots every single time.

Samsung’s description of this phone at Unpacked 2019 couldn’t be anymore precise: “It’s like having a supercomputer in your pocket.”

Our Take:


This phone is certainly going to affect the market of social media and photography apps. Samsung is partnering up with Instagram and Adobe to provide users a phone with professional-grade camera quality and editing features. New experiences cause new problems. Problems that future entrepreneurs will then tackle.

The S10 almost seems like the perfect phone, but the reality is that the mobile experience is greatly increased when paired with Galaxy earbuds.

Galaxy Earbuds

Wire earphones are now a thing of the past!

At Unpacked 2019, Samsung introduces lightweight wireless earphones to compliment the Fold or any of the S phones.

These small, yet powerful headphones hold a charge of six hours, and when you are ready to charge them you can take advantage of charge sharing with the Galaxy S10.

Not only are these wireless,  they were definitely made with the consumer in mind.

Finally, it includes features such as powerful voice control thanks to its dual microphone system.

S5e Tablet

The S5e tablet retails at just $399, making it far more affordable than the flagship Samsung Galaxy Tab S4 at $649. Arguably, it’s also a far more powerful device.

Bixby is an AI controlled voice assistant designed to make device interaction easier.

The S5e tablet comes equipped with the Bixby and Google assistant combo all in a tablet that is extremely slim and measuring just 5.5mm thin and weighing just 400 grams. Samsung has also taken steps to maximize space with an 81.8 percent screen-to-body ratio.

The tablet comes with features such as:

– Facial recognition

– Fingerprint scanner

– 4K video

– Octa-core Snapdragon 670 processor

– 14.5 hours of battery life

There’s a ton of internal storage under the hood of this tablet, with 64GB of internal storage to store your multimedia (microSD expandable to 512GB), and 4GB of RAM to keep the system running smoothly, too.

Our Take:


This tablet leaves us thinking about how new and previous apps can be integrated with Bixby and Google assistant. Imagine being able to interact with your app by voice. With 5G on the horizon, voice technology is going to be a booming industry sooner than you might think. And with this year’s innovations, looks like Samsung is well on their way to leading the charge.

Now, let’s see what Samsung has to offer for fitness and maintaining personal health.

Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Since this watch was made with fitness in mind,  being lightweight and water resistant is a must!

But this watch is more than its sleek aluminum body; it also has built-in features designed to monitor your health such as exercise tracking, sleep monitoring, heart rate monitoring, blood pressure monitoring, and even stress management.

With the large variety this watch comes in, Samsung brags: “There’s a wearable for you.”

It’s important to keep up with how wearable technology is revolutionizing the fitness industry and the app development market. The fitness industry is the fastest growing sector in the IT industry as we know it.

Our take on the active:

The screen felt smaller and we missed the rotating bezel from the previous watch, but it felt lighter and more comfortable.”

Perhaps the biggest update for the 2019 Samsung Galaxy Watch Active is the addition of Samsung’s One UI interface to their wearables.

The new design is more intuitive and requires less finger movement on large screens. In addition, it offers a dark mode for stock apps and system elements, which looks sleek and saves battery on OLED displays.

The active watch also shares power sharing capabilities just like its less robust smaller brother, the fit, which is geared for those not looking for so many features but just a watch solely for fitness.

Samsung Galaxy Fit and Galaxy Fit E

If you are looking for a watch solely for fitness, health, heart rate, and time then the Samsung Galaxy Fit is perfect for you.

The Samsung Galaxy Fit has now been announced at Unpacked 2019 alongside the smaller, entry-level priced Galaxy Fit E.

One feature that makes this watch really stand out is the battery. It can last up to one week on a single charge. This watch comes with other features such as water resistance and support for charge sharing too.

This new wearable tech also includes:

– Full color touchscreen

– .95” AMOLED display at 120 x 240 and 282 PPI

– Realtime OS for an “intuitive UX and a user-friendly smart experience.”

Keeping an eye on the incredible tech to come

If anything, Samsung’s Unpacked 2019 event shows just how much more there is left to be done in the mobile market.

The team at Chop Dawg will be keeping a close eye on this new technology to gauge how it will affect the trajectory of apps and websites in the future. You should do the same.

It’s crucial to understand the technology you are using so that you can take advantage of it and produce the best result for yourself and for your users.

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