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There is no such thing as a dead-end lead

Customer Service & Sales

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


Roughly two years ago, an entrepreneur reached out to us through our contact form and was interested in hiring us to help build his app idea. Pretty standard for us. After all, that is why we exist.

One small hiccup, though. The budget field that this prospective client filled out was way too small to do anything substantial. He had enough funding for about one week of work, not eight months of the design and development necessary for bringing a complex application to market.

For most entrepreneurs, most companies, most startups; they would have simply responded back this individual explaining he wouldn’t be the right fit or perhaps worst, not bothered responding back at all. After all, he isn’t worth the time to even bother with, right? Wrong.

Dead wrong.

You see, two years later, not only did he have the budget to now work with us, he is one of our favorite clients to date, building the next big application right outside of Chicago. An opportunity that we at Chop Dawg are so blessed to have which, if we simply ignored him back in the day, he would have remembered and gone somewhere else with his idea.

Need more convincing? Back in 2014, a woman from Kansas City reached out about this incredible idea of an app to help change the music scene. It was brilliant, but alas, one problem. She wasn’t ready to commit. Again, most companies, as soon as they saw she wouldn’t be ready to move forward, would have moved on.

Not us.

Again, two years later, she is another one of our favorite clients, who we are helping bring her amazing idea to life and presenting us with countless opportunities to grow our brand at Chop Dawg even further.

Both of these projects alone will bring us over $150,000.00 in revenue this year.

These projects for most companies not only would have never come in but may have tarnished their reputation as potential clients spoke negatively that they were rapidly discarded when they did not fit an ideal mold.

You see, the reason they ended up coming back and working with us, wasn’t necessarily because of our pricing, our timeframes, our proposals, hell, even our charming personalities (wink).

No, it was because we truly gave a damn and gave them value, even if we realized there was a likely chance they may never reach back out again. This is because we have a drive beyond just being a business. We are out to help as many people as possible. Truly caring about those who reach out to us day in and day out.

Dead-end customers do not exist. Timing is not going to be always right. Individuals will need to be educated. However, if you put in the work, truly take a time to create a relationship, even if not now, the dividends of this will return in your favor. Not only is this impactful in the B2B world but in the B2C word as well. It doesn’t matter if you offer a service or product. At the end of the day, the consumer understands what companies care about them and which treat them as a number. Don’t be that company, that entrepreneur. Never lose sight of what is most important and what makes a difference.

It frustrates me to hear how many entrepreneurs leave networking opportunities, revenue opportunities, long term relationship opportunities on the table due to their own selfish needs or lack of long-term perspective. Understand that at the end of the day, the world is made up of people. Companies, especially, are made up of people. Understand the importance of always being respectful. Always being courteous. Giving whenever, wherever you can. When you do, opportunities like the ones referenced above will present themselves. Your business will continue to grow. You will continue to make an impact for the long haul.

Start treating people like you would want to be treated and you’ll be amazed just how much your business will grow in the long-term.

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