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The Power of Leverage

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Joshua Davidson wrote this article

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I’m obsessed with three contributing factors that explain why we have been able to grow Chop Dawg so rapidly over the past few years:

1) We’re looking to find as many inspiring and active entrepreneurs as possible to help make their ideas and dreams become a reality.

2) We’re looking to ensure the entrepreneurs that we do help, not only love the services we provide them, but we do everything in our power to see their ideas validated, whether that is through reaching profitability, being acquired, raising capital, joining a prestigious incubator/accelerator, or being featured on the media.

3) We’re looking to find as many fans who are passionate about what we are doing at Chop Dawg and the products that we are building as possible.

At the end of the day, these are truly the only three things that matter to me. Of course, a lot more micro-dynamics come into play, such as team morale, improving internal operations, profitability on our end, etc. However, if we manage these three contributing factors right, we will always be growing, and we will always be in a better position than our top competitors or where we were prior.

What do all three of these things have in common? The answer is simple. They bring us leverage. Leverage gives us the opportunity to put our money where our mouth is, and the ability to find more clients, because they know we can produce results. It gives us the opportunity to build long-term relationships, because we provide our clients what they need to be successful, and chances to find more work, because we have an audience that wants to see what our clients are doing. It brings more individuals that we can help bring their ideas and apps to life, because our fan base allowed them to discover us. See the trend here? It’s all because of the leverage provided from excelling in these three main contributions.

As a business, an entrepreneur, and an executive, you need to identify the type of leverages that are, not only attainable, but truly give you that upper hand, that competitive advantage, over anyone in your industry. You need to keep it simple, effective, and most importantly, aligned to your long-term goals. Our goal, as a company, is to help every entrepreneur in the world in need of our services, while simultaneously, inspiring potential entrepreneurs to take the leap of faith and pursue their passions. Leverage provides you with what all entrepreneurs and businesses truly want, exponential growth.

Execution, of course, is a big piece of identifying the major factors that provide leverage. Anyone can say what they need for leverage, but few can act. We pour a ton of our efforts into the verticals that allow us to have leverage, from giving value to everyone that reaches out to us, to pumping great daily content on our blog and social media, to providing keynotes at conferences, starting a podcast later on this winter, always emphasizing our brand in the best light possible, and most importantly, always going above and beyond for our clients, showing them how much we care and want every ounce of our well-being going into their (eventual and growing) success.

Identify what you need to build leverage for your company. Figure out the proper channels to execute. Always collect data, research how your industry (and similar markets) are executing, refine accordingly, and continue putting 110% in until your leverage starts to show. Once you do, don’t stop. Like all good things, it will always require you to go above and beyond, pushing yourself to your limits, your operations to your limits, asking yourself how things can be better, putting others first for the purpose of seeing results, and not being afraid to change things for more growth. Leverage is king, leverage is great content, leverage is results, and leverage is validation. Don’t ever overlook this aspect of business.

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  • Amy said:

    Love your concept and enthusiastic direction!! Have you seen Color911?

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