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Success shouldn’t be a lousy teacher

Revenue & Finances

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


Success is a lousy teacher. It seduces smart people into thinking they can’t lose. — Bill Gates

You’ve probably heard this quote before, right?

On the surface, Bill Gates is one hundred percent accurate.

Success inherently breeds laziness and complacency in the very best, especially when it comes to entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs, leaders, executives, believe they can move into automation mode and continue to generate the same revenues, the same profits, the same results, without having to continue to hustle and pour their hearts, souls, blood and sweat into future growth.

Of course, the expected situation arrives. Competitors come, kick their butts, and the next thing you know, these so-called successes turn into failures.

We’ve all heard these stories before and surely will hear them again.

Here is the thing, though, success shouldn’t be a lousy teacher.

In fact, for the true, pure breed entrepreneurs reading this blog post, it should be the opposite.

Success should motivate us to do more.

Success should raise our expectations, our standards, and our goals.

Each success should become our minimum expected output once it is received.

Success should be a motivator.

You see, we at Chop Dawg have had a lot of success, especially in recent years. We’ve noted record profits, record revenue, record product launches, record client happiness.

We’re truly lucky and proud.

With that said, each time we hit a new milestone, a new benchmark, we don’t get complacent. We don’t switch to autopilot.

We get pumped up and ready to tackle the world even more head-on than ever before.

With each success should come a bigger, more ambitious goal — Casey Nesistat

The real reason that success is a lousy teacher for most, is that they aren’t inherently successful.

They reached a successful moment in time, but they let that get to them.

The truly successful individuals and companies don’t settle. They are never satisfied. They are always hungry for more.

Use success to motivate you to do more. Once you have a taste, do whatever you can to taste more. Let it raise your expectations on yourself, on those around you, on your business. Don’t settle, don’t get lazy, don’t get complacent. Get hungry, get motivated, become inspired at what more there still is to do. Success can be the greatest teacher if you utilize it right.

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