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Stop Watching Vlogs and Reading Every Blog Post

Leadership & Inspiration

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


Let’s talk about content absorption for a moment.

If you’re reading this blog post, it means you’re absorbing the content, the value, that we are about to bring you.

Odds are if you’re reading this blog post, this is not the only place you go to absorb content, and in this context, for entrepreneurship and business.

You probably listen to podcasts.

You’re more than likely watching videos.

You’re occasionally attending conferences, seminars, hell, even webinars.

Have I hit the nail on the head yet for all of the ways you’re more than likely, getting content, value, lessons, expertise?

So, this may sound contradictory and yes, even a little hypocritical without context, but stop.

Stop absorbing so much content, and start creating.

Start going out there.

Start building your company, and if you already have one, get back to work.

You have more important things to do!

Now, this isn’t meant to say content like what other outlets or we put out is wrong.

Hell no, they are great.

Never in history can you learn so much, and from so many credible sources.

It is great that so many are embracing it.

But, you need to apply a bit of emotional intelligence to your learnings.

Ask yourself, right now, are you absorbing all of this content because it is concerning a topic that you truly need to learn more about to become a more efficient entrepreneur, or, are you procrastinating?

Delaying to start your business, perhaps?

Procrastinating to write yourself a blog post?

Procrastinating on an email that you need to address?

Or perhaps, you’re watching all this content, reading all this material, absorbing this all, because it gives you a false sense of fulfillment, a false sense that you’ve accomplished something?

It’s that hit of dopamine you’re getting as you read it, isn’t it?

Whatever it is, stop.

All of this content available in the entrepreneurial, tech, investment and business world is incredible.

However, you need to leverage all of this as an asset.

You need to pick and choose when you need to learn a skill-set, to find the right sources, good content and learn then.

Stop watching someone’s vlog or reading three new blog posts a day, just because it is new content.

That isn’t where the value is for you.

It’s crazy seeing so many “entrepreneurs” who reach out to us over the years, sharing successful entrepreneurs’ content by retweeting them, resharing their Instagram photos, their favorite quotes, etc.

What you’re doing, subconsciously, is just helping their brands by “buying” into their ecosystems.

Now, they can sell you their services, push their books, webinars, talks, etc.

You’re not doing anything for yourself.

You’re not taking yourself to the next level and trying to make something.

You feel like you are accomplishing something, but look back, what did you do? You just helped another company, another person’s brand grow instead.

That did zip, nada, nothing for you.

Sure, you “learned” but how much applies to you, right now, from what you heard, given the circumstances where you find yourself?

Again, though, I am not a hypocrite, I preach to absorb content to learn.

However, it needs to be in the context of learning to be better at what you need to improve on at that moment.

Where you choose to allocate your most precious resource, which is time, is something you need to take more seriously.

Yes, you need to be an athlete.

That means train by practicing.

Read books.

Seek mentors to assist you.

Find role models.

Review yourself often and daily, but, choose when, where and why because you owe it to yourself to be pouring in much more time to getting the work done.

You owe it to yourself to not buy into ecosystems that have thousands of followers but to try getting yourself to a level where people would flock to you, your brand, and your company.

Listen, do not stop following your favorite brands, companies, blogs, vlogs, Instagrams, Twitters, books, and everything in-between.

Just choose to be more methodical when you want to learn by choosing the right things to learn about, and most importantly, for the right reasons.

You’re not more productive watching the latest video on YouTube; you’re more productive if you are learning more about a topic and then immediately applying it.

You can be an entrepreneur, a leader, business, a developer, an investor or anything in-between. This all relates to you and your circumstances.

Don’t waste your time. Choose to learn when learning is right, and get to work the remainder of the time.

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