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Small Business Tech News Roundup


Isadora Teich wrote this article


In the world of tech, so much happens constantly that keeping up can seem impossible! That’s why we want to some of the tech news that’s most important for every small business out there in one spot.

Here is a look at some recent events in tech that small business owners should know about.

Banks Say Payment App Scams Aren’t Their Problem

The pandemic has negatively affected millions of people around the world, creating poverty and desperation. As such, digital scams of all kinds are on the rise.

If you want to learn more about the romance scam phenomenon, check out our blog post on the controversies surrounding dating apps.

Scammers are using Zelle, Paypal, Cashapp, and other apps to run all sorts of scams. Forbes reported on the story of one victim, Justin Fraunce.

Longtime Wells Fargo customer Justin Fraunce experienced a new phenomenon when a scammer pretended to be a Wells Fargo Employee. Fraunce lost $500 and was unable to be reimbursed by Wells Fargo because he has signed off on the authorization.

What Can Small Businesses Do?

Often, people have little sympathy for victims of similar scams. However, Fraunce is not alone. Many people have been taken advantage of by increasingly clever scams.

The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau issued guidance last year to banks about reimbursing customers who get robbed. However, if you sign off on a fraudulent transfer, your bank likely will not help you.

A good way to avoid scams like these is to double and triple check any request for money outside of the usual. For example, if you have never paid your electricity bill through cashapp before, and someone messages you asking for that, think twice.

Many scammers even employ empty threats to get money. They may claim that they can blackmail you, or tell you that you are in trouble with the government and need to pay.

However, it is very unlikely that the US government would ever ask you to Venmo them, for example. If something seems off, it probably is.

SendinBlue Aquires Zoom

The digital marketing platform SendinBlue has acquired video conferencing solution MeetFox. According to SendinBlue, customers were demanding that the platform offer more resources to users.

They say that with MeetFox, customers can access scheduling through multiple channels. They can also host video meetings and manage accounts with new payment features.

As SendinBlue is a popular small business marketing platform, this is good news for users.

Google Ads Policy Changes

Via Bounteous

Google Ads is making some big changes. They will now provide clear examples of what language is not allowed in ads.

This includes an “insufficient original content” policy, a “destination not accessible” policy, and updating examples in their “destination not working” policy.

Previously, if ads or websites were being flagged, content would be rejected without much explanation. Starting March 21, 2022, users will no longer receive error messages without explanation. They will be given reasons so they can change their ads.

For years, users more or less had to guess why their ads were getting rejected and spend time and resources trying again. Hopefully, these policies will help businesses create Google-approved ads quicker and more effectively.

The Department Of Defense Is Looking For Innovative Small Tech Businesses

It’s no secret that small businesses and startups are responsible for most of the job creation and tech innovation in the US. Currently, in order to become more innovative, the DOD is looking to work with and support small tech businesses.

According to Heidi Shyu, the DOD’s Undersecretary of Defense:

“I’m personally engaging with small businesses and small business roundtables to understand the impediments in doing business with them and what are the impediments that they see that we can help them out with in terms of removing the roadblocks.”

Shyu’s goal is to allow the DOD to create multiple trenches of funding to help innovative small tech businesses build and mature technology.

At present, the DOD spends more than $2 billion every year on research projects with small businesses. They not only want more money, but to change the way expenditures are measured to better enable small businesses.

If you are interested in learning about Small Business Innovation Research Grant opportunities, check them out here!

Is Microsoft Finally Catching Up To Apple?

For decades, Apple has been a luxury tech brand with an unbeatable reputation. People have been willing to pay their high prices for a better user experience, higher quality products, and the prestige of owning something considered to be sleek and luxurious.

Some are starting to wonder if that Apple magic is starting to fade. One big reason for this is the numerous repair and longevity-based scandals involving Apple products over the past few years.

For example, you can purchase a 12.4 inch Microsoft Surface Laptop Go for between about $400 and $700, depending on where you purchase it from. This new laptop is popular and highly rated.

A new 13 inch MacBook Pro, on the other hand, starts at $1,300 and can cost more than $1,500.

If people spend 3x more on the cheapest new Macbook Pro than they would on the cheapest Microsoft Surface Laptop Go, it makes sense that they would have higher expectations. People want their expensive products to last a long time, require minimal repairs, and be simple to fix.

Apple’s Issues

Apple has somewhat refused to deliver on any of these fronts. Their 2016 and 2017 Macbook Pro models and iPhone 6 had big issues. Recently, their butterfly keyboard in both the MacBook Pro and Air models caused huge problems.

The initial keyboard was faulty, and Apple’s model of making repairs costly and inconvenient, and sometimes even blaming consumers for their own errors, didn’t exactly win people over.

If you end up needing to fix your MacBook Pro, depending on the issue, it may be cheaper to get a brand new Microsoft Laptop than to fix your Macbook. That is a problem as, even in wealthy countries, poverty is increasing.

The internet has also enjoyed years of memes based on how easily Apple products, especially iPhones, break.

Via Buzzylikes

That is simply not the kind of experience that people who are paying a premium price want to have. All of this is something that small businesses should consider.

Final Thoughts

Often small business owners and entrepreneurs have to wear so many hats that there simply isn’t time to keep up on every piece of tech news that comes out. We hope that you have found this short and sweet roundup informative and helpful!

Which piece of news interest you most? Comment below!

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