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Should the user interface of your product be a priority?

Design & Branding

Joshua Davidson wrote this article


This is an interesting topic that we haven’t covered much on the blog in the past. The importance of the user interface design of a product and how it should be prioritized.

For most individuals, you will hear the same thing.

The functionality of the product is more important and should be focused on more than the user interface side of things.

It’s the response you’ll traditionally find on this subject matter whenever you research this question.

Here is the thing, I disagree.

To me, the user interface design is the most important thing and when done right, it allows you to then prioritize the remainder of your energy and time into the functionality of your product itself.

You see, here is the easiest explanation I give to why I find prioritizing the user interface design so important, so early for new companies.

To the end user, the customer, the person that will be using your application, the design of the product is the product.

Ever heard the statement about food that “people eat with their eyes first”?

When you have an incredible design for a product, you have a competitive advantage.

In the business world, this to me, is everything.

Here is a great example of focusing on user interface design over functionalities.

Robinhood, the incredibly popular investing application. It offers nearly half of the features and functionalities of its competitors offer such as ETrade, TD Ameritrade, etc.

What it does offer, however, is hands-down, the quickest, most beautiful user interface on the planet.

It can’t be matched.

Look at another investing application, Acorns.

They decided less is more for them to win over their target audience and went all in on the user interface design.

In return, not only did they create an award-winning product, they’re one of the fastest, revenue-driven applications currently available in the market. They cut out features, doubled-down on design and made the best user experience possible from on-boarding to logging out.

My belief is that if you have an incredibly designed product from day one with only the key functionalities you need to validate and scale, you’ll destroy the competition versus having all of the features but lackluster aesthetic.


Because it is human nature to be attracted to what looks the best. A great design is a competitive advantage and allows even a David to take on Goliath.

Here is perhaps the craziest part to me, on why I prioritize design over functionality.

Great design sets the tone for everything else.

A great design deserves only great functionalities. A great design deserves only the best brand. A great design deserves only the best marketing strategy. A great design raises that bar and sets the standard for everything else.

Adding a ton of functionality does nothing more than set the standard for clutter, the need to build for the sake of building.

Should the user interface of your product be a priority? Perhaps a better question you should be asking yourself, does your product deserve to be successful?

Both questions are one and the same in my book.

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