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A technical partner is the difference between us sitting next to you at the table versus across

Some clients that reach out to us have a plan for their digital project. Others need help figuring out if their idea should take the form of a mobile application, web app, or something else entirely. That’s where we come in to Make It App’n.® Our team sincerely cares about the success of your venture, and we pride ourselves on our open communication that brings you results.

When you work with us, you’ll feel like we’re part of your team


Your idea is only the beginning. We'll work with you to strategize the best technology we can apply to your unique vision. Our team has over a decade of experience, and we know what works.

Set-Rate Pricing

Our methodology allows us to lock in pricing for your future app's scope of work. This gives you peace of mind and allows you to focus on what's most important: launching a successful app.

Product Roadmap

Before we start typing a single line of code, we’ll create a Product Roadmap together to ensure everyone's on the same page. This way, you can see how your app will flow for future users.

Ongoing Meetings

Great communication is key to your project's success. We're all about keeping you in the loop, with regularly scheduled meetings and updates provided in real-time.


We’ll cover maintenance during your launch window to ensure a smooth rollout. If any bugs slip through the cracks during QA testing, we’ll make sure those are squashed, free of charge.

We Build Businesses, Not Just Apps

An app is only as powerful as the business model behind it. From our very first consultation, we’ll work together to start goal-setting and crafting the monetization strategy that will power your future app. Some business ventures are built entirely around an app, others launch apps to augment their existing digital infrastructure. Your app shouldn’t just function beautifully, but also be part of a sustainable business.

Each and every day should be treated like the launch of your app. We’ll work with you to come up with new ways to position your app, build traction, and gain future users.

  • Strategy & Logic
  • Branding Assets
  • UI/UX Design
  • Emergent Technology
  • Product Roadmap
  • QA Testing

The planning that goes into creating an app is just as important as the app itself. This is why at Chop Dawg, we believe that a well-crafted product starts by finding the right balance between business objectives, technological needs and the value to the end user.

Mobile Application Development

We have dedicated teams that are capable of building the latest app indexing-compliant products for the iPhone, iPad, and Android. Our goal is to create an app for you that has a commanding presence on both the iOS App Store and the Google Play Store.

Types of Mobile Apps We've Built

Personal Bots, Internet of Things (IoT) Apps, Mobile Commerce, Business Bots, VR and Augmented Reality (AR), Custom Chatbots, Blockchain Apps, Logistics Apps, B2B, Real estate, Entertainment, Fintech, Educational, Transportation, and more!

Web Application Development

Successful web applications need to have a frontend that excites users and functions properly on all devices. But what makes a web application that is durable for the long term? A user-friendly and reliable backend that clients can use to manage and scale.

Types of Web Apps We've Built

CRMs, Blockchain Technologies, Cryptocurrency, AI and Chatbots, Booking, Production Information Management, Online Marketplaces, Social Networks, Educational Tools, Communications, Internal Business Applications, and more!

Non-Functioning Prototypes For Mobile & Web Applications

Not every business can afford the initial investment required for a market-ready app. That's where the NFP comes in. A non-functioning prototype demonstrates your idea’s potential to investors, users, and crowdfunders. This is the full day one vision of your app.

Are you looking to hire a team that can hit the ground running?

During our first free 45 minute consultation, we'll discuss your needs and how we can best move forward together with building your app. It's our goal for you to come out of this meeting knowing more about your idea's potential.

Let's see how we can help

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