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Reset Summit: A Virtual Business Summit to Give Back Amid Covid19

Leadership & Inspiration

Tammy Slaughter wrote this article


Chop Dawg has partnered with other business leaders in the digital technology and media/event space to bring you Reset Summit, a one-time only all-digital event on May 20th bringing you the insight you need right now — as we all learn to navigate the new normal together.

Whether you’re a founder, freelancer, or transitioning a brick-and-mortar company to the digital forefront, it’s time to press the reset button.

Reset and Give Back to the Frontline of the Covid19 Fight

Reset Summit will bring businesses and entrepreneurs together to crowdsource knowledge and share resources while giving back to the medical community fighting on the frontline of Covid19.

All proceeds generated from attendees will be donated to Direct Relief, “a humanitarian aid organization active in all 50 states and more than 80 countries with a mission to improve the health and lives of people affected by poverty or emergencies — without regard to politics, religion, or ability to pay.”

Not available on 5/20? With your donation to Direct Relief, you’ll receive full access to the recorded live event to watch at your leisure during self quarantine. Scroll on for links to watch now after the summit on YouTube!

Official Speakers:

Christie Pitts | General Partner and CEO of Backstage Capital (Investor Panel)

Jason Saltzman | Founder of Alley and Managing Partner at Alley Ventures (Digital Marketing)

Gabby Frost | Founder of Buddy ProjectGMF Designs (Efficiency & Resiliency)

Ofo Ezeugwu | Founder of Whose Your Landlord, an ecosystem built to empower and inform the rental community (E-Commerce & Software Development)
Chris Herd | CEO of FirstBase, all-in-one provisioning platform for companies to enable remote work (Remote Work)

Linda Bustos | Director of E-Commerce Research at Elastic Path Software (E-Commerce & Software Development)

Tim Salau | CEO of Guide, the app dedicated to the future of work (Remote Work)

Cynthia Johnson | Co-Founder and CEO at Bell + Ivy (Digital Marketing)

Chris Panagakis | Founder of Curiosity Shots (Future of Media)

Harold Hughes | Founder of BandWagonFanClub, Angel Investor (Team Management & Processes)

Jeet Banerjee | Founder of The Income Incubator (Supply Chain Management)

Benjamin David Novak | VC Lawyer at Morgan & Morgan, Angel Investor (Investor Panel)

Rebecca Altamirano | Co-founder of Tangelo Technologies (E-Commerce & Software Development)

Luke Bowen | Founder of Evil Genius Beer Company (Supply Chain Management)

John Boitnott | Contributor for Inc. and Entrepreneur Magazine (Future of Media)

Sue Laks | Founder of Real Media Fusion (Future of Media)

Scott Messer | Founder of Sales Evolution (Selling During A Pandemic)

Robert Haydek | President of Herbal Mist Teas (Supply Chain Management)

Corey Levin | Serial Entrepreneur, Partner at Truth & Consequences (Creativity in the Marketplace)

Jono Matusky | Co-founder of Alongside Technology (Creativity in the Marketplace)

Nathan Turner | Digital Media Strategist (Future of Media)

Jenn Compton | Director of Marketing for Shar Music (Digital Marketing)

Ruby Roscioli | Senior Manager of Leadership Development Programs at Vanguard (Remote Work)

Reset Summit Schedule and Links to Watch

11AM EST – Running Your Startup During COVID-19

12PM EST – Selling During A Pandemic

1PM EST – Digital Marketing

2PM EST – Remote Working

3PM EST – Team Management & Processes

4PM EST – Creativity In Marketplace

5PM EST – Supply Chain Management

6PM EST – Future of Media

7PM EST – eCommerce & Developing Software

8PM EST – Investor Panel

9PM EST – Efficiency & Resiliency

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