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When finding the right agency to work with, be sure to ask about what the process is like from start to finish

Over the last nine years, we’ve learned so much from our clients. Through these working relationships, we’ve been able to package our experiences into a process that makes for a supportive and productive working relationship that turns into successful, profitable results for our clients. From the planning the proposal, to project management and customer service, it’s working relationship that starts from day one well before we sign a contract.

What is Chop Dawg?

Why work with Chop Dawg?

We first come up with a plan together and draft a proposal

We spend a lot of time going back and forth to come up with a project plan and budget that results in mutual decision-making. Once we deliver a comprehensive proposal to you, it's then up for revisions until both sides feel great about the project!

Once the contract is signed, we begin the design discovery process

The length of this process largely depends on the scope of your product. Every single step needs to be well thought-out. From wireframes to high fidelities, you'll see exactly how your product will look.

Product flows are created to the bridge design and development process together

Before our team enters the development phase of your app, we plan every possible outcome that a user can generate when using it. You can visualize how any user will interact with your app, and it's a great opportunity to make sure you are getting what you want before we make the transition into programming.

We want you to feel informed, confident, and comfortable throughout the entire development process

Consider yourself a part of our team. Our developers have fine-tuned an agile process that encourages fast, quality delivery. Our team’s biggest strength is its deep understanding of current technological standards. We hire developers based on not just technical skill, but passion and creativity. We’ll work together to challenge ourselves on how we can use the technology at our disposal to make something that will create an actual impact for you.

Project Management and Quality Assurance (QA)

Our team has created the perfect template for writing clean code on time and within budget. You’ll work closely with one of our project managers (PM) so that you’re always on top of what is happening and what to expect next. The PM also coordinates with the development team to make sure that everything is progressing based on the written project plan. As well, the PM makes sure that continuous QA testing is occurring in tandem. In addition to an extensive QA process during the project, we also offer a complimentary 45-day maintenance window and 90-day bug warranty post-launch. We always have your back.

We want to prepare your product for a successful launch

Marketing your product is a process that is recurring. From designing your lead magnet/companion website to helping you sell your product through our social channels, we love adding extras during your time with us that will make you feel that much better about partnering with us.

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We care deeply about your success

Anyone can find a great designer or programmer. It’s not hard to find someone, but will they be willing to match your enthusiasm and drive? It is even far harder to find a team with great chemistry that has the shared talent to back it all up. So let us know when you’re ready to chat with us and have us help you bring your vision to life. We're ready to be a part of your success team.

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