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WeSkill wanted to rebuild their entire existing website application from scratch to better fit their long-term needs while maintaining their product’s existing scalable and current customers.

WeSkill’s ambition throughout the whole user experience design process with Chop Dawg was for the app to be a one-stop shop for their existing clients, such as Quicken Loans and ERA, as a research and discovery platform for their employees. WeSkill’s redesigned website application would offer the ability for employers to create lesson plans, quizzes and videos for employees to use as an orientation tool. Additionally, it would allow employees discover new facets about their jobs and remain up-to-date with all things happening within their respected companies. The final result of the entire design process brought together a powerful, fully responsive web-based product that their clients.

Given the enterprise clients that used WeSkill such as Quicken Loans and ERA, we had to focus on programming a scalable product and reliable one that could support the thousand of employees that would be using this daily.

WeSkill has a built-in subscription system setup for employers to make monthly or yearly payments to the platform automatically, and WeSkill also can use its custom administrator backend to manage the billing cycles of all their customers and setup parameters to each different billing package depending on the company registered to WeSkill.

Employers can create curriculums for their employees to complete. These curriculums can contain lessons, quizzes, essays, videos, questionnaires, and more. On top of all of this, employees can interact with one another and receive grades in real-time as they complete curriculums on the application. Companies can view their employees’ track-record and the grades they are receiving. WeSkill clients can also add secondary accounts to help control and create new content, and manage users.

Given the fact that companies and employees are busy, the application can automatically remind employees to complete specific lessons, watch videos, and finish curriculum. Employers using WeSkill can now receive reports as their employees complete curriculums, and generate custom reports whenever necessary for their own organizational data purposes.

We ensured that WeSkill would not only have everything they need to attract employers and employees, but an administrative backend to easily control their business depending on the contracts and customers that they onboard. This easy to use administrative backend will augment the app’s potential for scalability for years to come.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the WeSkill app

WeSkill was built as a responsive website application using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, and CSS3. For the administrator and server-side, we also used PHP. The frontend website was created using HTML5 and CSS3.

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