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Event Management

Make it easier for friends to keep their groups together and connect with new ones at live events, without the need for a cellular or wireless connection.

You’re at a music festival, a large business conference, or a live sporting event and need to locate where the rest of your group is. You try calling them, only to have spotty service.  It can be an aggravating experience for friend groups, especially when in unfamiliar terrain. The Waypoint founders felt the problem all the time, so they were determined to come up with a solution once and for all by launching an iPhone application.

Waypoint approached Chop Dawg with this exciting opportunity, and within a few weeks, we came up with a gameplan. How could we work with Waypoint to build an application that addressed the problem of coordinating with friends at big gatherings, but that also had a monetization framework? We agreed on the answer – in addition to Waypoint being a social platform for friends, it could also serve as an event management system for venues, bands, and promoters, plus it could be a discovery tool for new events.

We thought out a comprehensive vision and plan for the Waypoint app early on in the process, so all wireframes, high fidelities, and product flows conceptualized a user experience that was not only eye-catching, but frictionless and quick. One big way Waypoint addresses friction – it allows users to manage everything without requiring a cellular or wireless connection. On the monetization side, we would need to design and develop an administrative backend that would make it easy for organizers to manage and promote their events.

Waypoint became the perfect blend of a social networking platform and an event coordination tool.

By integrating multiple third-party technologies into a native build, we were able to create a robust social and event management hybrid app.  With such features as personalized messaging, search functionality, push notifications, social integrations, real-time geolocation for markings at live events, and real-time attendee heat maps for organizers, Waypoint dramatically improves communications for participants and organizers.

Waypoint is also an event discovery tool. Users have the ability to discover new events not only in their backyards but across the globe. Users will be able to learn more about individual events, their respective lineups, times, contact information, ticket information, and more. They will even be able to see who else is attending an event and make new friends beforehand.

"The entire Chop Dawg team did a great job of setting time estimates, and how the day-to-day elements of the partnership would look. They’ve gone above-and-beyond the initial scope, adding more elements while still staying a week ahead of schedule."

Chris Delorey - Co-founder of Waypoint

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Waypoint app

Waypoint was built as an iPhone application using Swift and with REST APIs, and to support iOS 10 and 11. For the administrator and server-side, we used PHP with Laravel. The frontend website was created using WordPress, HTML5, and CSS3.

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