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Income and wealth disparities in the United States continue to widen. 12.7% of Americans are below the poverty line as of the 2016 Census.

And this is projected to get worse for 2018 –  over 45,000,000 families will be in poverty. Many organizations have tried to tackle this problem, but Tribes came to us with an idea of how crowdsourcing technology could be leveraged and paired with storytelling. By helping people tell their stories the emphasis is on Tribes’ users and why others should help support them.

Tribes was designed and programmed to put the families and individuals in the spotlight, not the crowdfunding mechanism. We wanted to create an ecosystem versus a traditional product. The crowdfunding mechanism itself, while the engine of the app, would be designed into the background of the narrative.

With crowdfunding, you need high traffic volume. Thus Tribes also had to be user-friendly enough to encourage constant traffic flow. This is why we decided to keep traditional crowdsourcing functionality found on mainstream players such as Indiegogo and Kickstarter. Familiarity would be to Tribes’ advantage. When your user base already knows how an application should function, it eliminates the need for a learning curve. Decrease the friction, increase the action!

For Tribes to be effective, function, keep its mission and integrity in check, we needed would to make it sure the application was only directly serving those in poverty.

Something we had to plan for was the risk of those who aren’t truly in need taking advantage of others’ generosity who are using the application. To address this, Chop Dawg was able to program a series of functionalities that could connect into user bank accounts and determine if they fit within United States poverty specifications. This would, mixed in with a manual vetting process created through a custom WordPress backend, allow Tribes to function and keep its mission, and its integrity as a service for the poor in check.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Tribes app

Tribes was built was a responsive crowdsourcing application on WordPress using PHP, MySQL, Laravel, HTML5 and CSS3. Tribes was built to support and cater to desktop users, tablet users, and mobile users.

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