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Treasurebee is a responsive website application and marketplace, built to allow buyers and sellers the ability to connect, buy, sell and trade via live video streaming and real-time messaging.

Treasurebee reached out to Chop Dawg to create an entirely new category in the eCommerce space that could better cater to individual sellers, shop owners, small museums, collectors, antique dealers, flea markets, trade shows, and enthusiasts buying/selling antiques. Many of these businesses typically did not use eCommerce and had conducted all of their sales offline. After all, these sellers always have to change inventory, buy/sell through negotiations and barter, and do not have the time to list thousands of their products.

But the founders knew this demographic well and knew that they wanted to be selling online, but no solution existed. They decided that they would create their eCommerce web app that could better fit this more traditional business model. We began designing wireframes for what a solution would look like, and how it would work as a web application.

We realized there is a sense of intimacy that is lost between the buyer/seller when turning an in-person engagement to an eCommerce web app. The cornerstone of what we needed to do is to support real-time video communication between customers and merchants, real-time messaging, real-time status of flea markets, trade shows, boutiques, and real-time inventory overviews.

We also wanted to adapt core eCommerce features such as the capacity to search, have profiles, list products, and a secure online payments system, while striving for that personal connection between the buyer/seller. Sellers can have their transaction records automatically registered for organization and tax purposes, as a well as a discovery tool, sales engine, and replication to the sales techniques they have been using for decades in a new medium.

Treasurebee is built to handle real-time negotiations, live video streaming, and transactions with highly-secured encryption to protect the buyer and the seller.

Treasurebee was programmed to ensure that it could handle a high influx of traffic. If done incorrectly, live video streaming could not only become an unreliable source of communication for their users but worse, a cumbersome and expensive burden on Treasurebee’s servers. We created a custom solution that would allow for high quality streaming on any device while not requiring much bandwidth.

Between managing monthly and yearly subscriptions, the hundreds of thousands of dollars a month in transactions, to transferring the appropriate funds between sellers and buyers, Treasurebee needed to have an easy to use and customizable backend.

One of the unique and challenging aspects of programming Treasurebee was catering the experience to a diverse buyer/seller network. So we decided that giving you a variety of options on how you can approach the application was the key. You can list products through the traditional eCommerce method, which individually posts them. You can list your business, to have your entire inventory available for live-streaming with a customer via video. You can have an event, which is only available on certain dates and times of the year. Above all, you could have multiple relationship types of postings per use. A business could host a live event, and share an individual listing.

We needed to program a proper database hierarchy so that every relationship would be manageable, and to create an easy-to-manage administrator backend so that the Treasurebee team can manage their operations without being dependent on third-party resources such as Chop Dawg.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Treasurebee app

Treasurebee was built as a responsive website application using PHP with Laravel, MySQL, HTML5, and CSS3. For the administrator and server-side, we also used PHP with Laravel. The frontend website was created using WordPress, HTML5, and CSS3.

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