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As technology continues to move forward, we have less and less in the way of physical things like tickets and scrapbooks.

It used to be if you attended an event, you were sure to have a ticket stub, or some sort of documentation that turned into memorabilia. Unfortunately this paper trail of memories has slowly whittled away to make way for things like Facebook, Google Photos, or Snapchat. But Martin and Katie, the founders of TicketThread, understand that nostalgia is a powerful feeling, and there are potentially millions of people who would love to place all of these memories under one, easy-to-navigate mobile app. Enter the TicketThread app.

The TicketThread App is the home of all of your digital memories that have required a ticket in the past.

From sporting events, to movies, to concerts, or even that carnival you went to that one time, the TicketThread app, this is built to be a personal nostalgia-machine. With just a few taps, users are able to save and detail any event that they have attended, and then have access to it any time they like. As the app evolves, Chop Dawg has planned to integrate several data sources, from details or video of a sporting event, the weather from that day, purchase an album from that opening band you discovered, or even the Playbill from a broadway show.

We started by creating a non-functional prototype (NFP) together.

The end result of this project will be a fully designed app for both the iPhone and Android, all of the editable assets ready for programmers to take control of, and a clickable NFP that can be demoed to prospective individuals essential to TicketThread’s success. Beyond the prototype stage, the TicketThread App app will also include an admin backend to easily manage users, track metrics, update content, and provide offers.

Some of the technology that we plan to support when we program TicketThread

TicketThread was created as a non-functional prototype and is planned to be built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, and Android 9, Android 10.

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