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Risk Management

Utilizing the power of Th3mis, companies can approach risk-management in a new medium that allows for rapid turnaround.

Risk-management is something that companies have a hard time with when managing workflow. Businesses that have to sift through a lot of regulations are not known for rapid turnaround. But The3mis is a regulatory technology (reg-tech) for businesses that allows for rapid turnaround, easy storage for risk & compliance related information. It also acts as an active workflow management tool.

Making a reg-tech platform that is complicated by necessity, yet easy to use.

With an easy to utilize user interface, Th3mis can manage users & access levels, store robust audit trails, assign tasks to others, identify exceptions, integrate with current & future regtech technologies, and generate eye-pleasing reports which can be shared across any medium. Since there are many facets to regtech, Th3mis is built on different modules. Businesses can pay to use the modules that they need, while not having to use the ones they don’t. Each module has its own workflow and management system. As a result, Chop Dawg built Th3mis as a SaaS that many business owners can customize to their linking.

Chop Dawg set out to create a regtech application built to scale for years to come.

Built as a SaaS, Th3mis also required a robust administrator backend for both support and for admins that are running their business accounts. As businesses need to handle more regulations, they will need an application that can handle a lot of this data at once. There are many types of users who have different types of access levels. When building out the application, we also looked to other workflow management SaaS platforms to see what could be applied into the regtech space.

Some of the technology that we used to create the Th3mis app

Th3mis was built as a web application using React for the frontend, and for the server-side, we used PHP with Laravel, built on React.

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