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Suburban Shopper


The world of print advertisements was well overdue for digital disruption before the release of the Suburban Shopper app.

Suburban Shopper is one of the many clients that Chop Dawg has worked with that has an existing business model that has been modernized through a mobile app. In the case of Suburban Shopper, the application provides targeted and relevant discounts, advertisements, coupons, and other forms of direct-to-consumer advertising. This direct-to-consumer advertising app is also very local-oriented. Leveraging their existing business infrastructure and distribution channels to customers located throughout eight towns in the great state of Massachusetts they are in a prime position to do just that.

Chop Dawg built Suburban Shopper to be a lean and self-sufficient mobile application from day one.

The aim with building this app was to provide a mobile version of the print experience. So Chop Dawg always kept that in mind when adding in the features that the everyday user has come to enjoy from the Suburban Shopper experience. Users have the ability to quickly browse through specific categories and orders similar to that of a physical mailer that Suburban Shopper has provided for decades. While Chop Dawg kept the mobile app experience faithful to the print experience, it made sure to add the benefits that can only be had on such a device. This includes the ability to quickly search for businesses and services through keywords. Users of Suburban Shopper have the ability to quickly pull up the latest available coupons and discounts from their favorite local stores.

Getting the mobile experience details right to make it even better than the print experience.

Getting the push notification experience right was especially important for the Suburban Shopper app. Users receive alerts from time-to-time notifying them of specific advertisements that may be of interest. The administrator backend panel for the Suburban Shopper team was also important, not just from the standpoint of the team but for the users. It is critical to the user experience since Suburban Shopper users are always looking for latest and great deals.

We built the Suburban Shopper team a solution to self-manage their app.

This was not just for Suburban Shopper’s benefit, but for their clients too. While the finalized application for Suburban Shopper is available on the iPhone and Android, the Suburban Shopper has their custom website application, serving as their administrator backend panel, to self-manage the entire product with ease. The admin backend allows for the advertisements to be quickly edited without the need of hiring a full-time developer, as well as monitor and track user data and performance. They can easily add, schedule, manage, and edit all of their businesses and advertisements available on their application. They will be able to track the performance of specific advertisements to better improve the product experience over time for their users.

Some of the technology that we used to create the Suburban Shopper app

Suburban Shopper was built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, and Android 9, Android 10. For the administrator backend, website application, server-side, we used PHP with Laravel, built on React.

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