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Real Estate

Did you know that the average homebuyer will spend 30-60 days shopping around for a house, before even beginning the actual closing process of purchasing a home?

Buying a home is one of the most significant and challenging purchases an individual will ever make in their life. You have so much to consider. Location. Size of the house. Your price point. Your needs. Short-term goals. Long-term aspirations. Type of house. The year it was built. How much work needs to be put into the home? The school district. The amenities offered. The list goes on and on.

There had to be a better way than looking through a dozen websites, picking a realtor’s brain, and visiting 2-3 homes a week for two months, hoping to find the right one. There had to be a way to expedite the process. That is why SpotScore was created.

SpotScore allows individuals to rate their preferences on everything in the home buying process, from determining what is most important to them and to what is least important. The result? A sophisticated algorithm that uses this information to narrow down a list of homes to check out without needing to shop around for hours, days, and weeks, to get to the same result later.

SpotScore is also solving one of the biggest issues for an agent and a seller; getting in front of potential prospective buyers, and doing so more quickly.

SpotScore helps a seller get their home in front of the right buyers much more quickly. This is thanks to the algorithm that we programmed to show homes that are more likely to capture personal taste. For the seller, this means quicker turnarounds from the time they list their home to closing. For agents, this means less time spent showing homes to buyers, less time selling homers to sellers, and yes, less time at closing. All parties involved are much happier and sure of the transaction they’re partaking in.

Above-all, SpotScore is set up strategically for long-term success. Thanks to the special patent-pending process Chop Dawg has created for SpotScore – they will be ready to expand into commercial listings and empty lot listings. And thanks to all of the data it can collect on user preferences in locations around the globe, the SpotScore will have the ability to offer an API for other companies to use and leverage it on their own in the real estate market.

"Chop Dawg is working around the clock all the time. It’s nice to know that if I had a fire, they would jump in and put it out. They’re on top of their game, always on, always connected, and always available to deal with any new ideas or things I feel are challenges and they help outside the app. They interface with lawyers about certain pregnable items. "

Pearce Vazquez - CEO & Founder

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the SpotScore app

SpotScore is an iPhone and Android application built on the React framework using PHP with Laravel. On the administrator and server-side, we used PHP with Laravel as well. The frontend website was created using WordPress, HTML5 and CSS3.

Are you impressed with SpotScore? Hire us to help you with your app too!

We're a full stack design & development agency that is as hands-on as a CTO+Team out of the box. It is much harder to find a team with great chemistry that has the shared talent to back it up, and we take pride in our effort to achieve both.

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