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Fitness & Health

Creating a whole new way for Mari Fitness to engage with the myriad of fans and consumers of their content.

The team at Mari Fitness approached us with an entirely new vision of how they wanted to engage with their fans. Over the years, Mari and her team have put thousands of hours into building a brand that millions of people have engaged with, but they had never ventured into the mobile app space. So for the next generation of Mari Fitness, enter the Slay App. The Slay App does not just provide a “handy” version of the website features, but gives users a new way to enjoy their fitness journey. Users can have easy access and keep track of their gym guides and videos of techniques.

Notifications are a big part of keeping users accountable in their fitness journey.

It was key that notifications were something that could be uplifting and fun. Throughout the mobile app, there are all sorts of fun ways for users to track progress, goals, and personal records. In the end, keeping everything fun is so important because it keeps users active. From a usability and “fun” standpoint, the Slay app has a lot of elements that encourage daily use. As a result, users of the Slay app actively do their routines, opening it daily for workout guidance, tracking their progress, and sharing their photos to social media, and quick access to all of the content built over the years.

Chop Dawg also built a Slay website application / admin backend to upload and regulate the content.

Allowing the Mari Fitness team as much control as possible to keep the Slay app up-to-date ensures the best user experience. Using this admin backend allows Mari Fitness to update important information, upload content such as fitness tips, manage users, track user data, and provide support when necessary.

Working with Mari Fitness was especially exciting since there is already an existing audience.

The team was passionate and prepared to dedicate the time and energy to ensure the best experience for both the established and brand new fans of the brand. This allowed us to ensure that Mari Fitness not only had a successful rollout, but they have a product in their hands that their users will utilize and love for years to come.

Some of the technology that we used to create the Slay app

Slay was built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, and Android 9, Android 10. For the administrator backend, website application, server-side, we used PHP with Laravel, built on React.

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