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Rhodes 101

Convenience Stores

Since 1963, Rhodes has been a staple for many local communities throughout Southeast Missouri and Southern Illinois.

With twenty-nine go-to stops today, Rhodes is a regional resource for neighbors and travelers alike to get a daily cup of coffee, a quick bite to eat or fill up on the gas tank before a new work week. Rhodes has always had a tradition of making the customer feel like a number one priority. Their new application is an extension of that principle.

Thanks to the assistance of Chop Dawg and our partners at Codefi Labs, Rhodes can continue its tradition of serving their customers’ needs first, and in a way that makes the experience even more convenient. Pushing the convenience envelope even further, Rhodes 101 customers can take advantage of the iPhone and Android application 24/7.

The Rhodes 101 mobile app is also intended to be more than just your ordinary convenience store app.

Unfortunately, many convenience stores treat their mobile apps as an advertising billboard. But while the convenience store app can be a medium to share discounts and offers to customers, it’s a missed opportunity to only do that. Rhodes knew that it couldn’t cheapen the customer experience. What the app needed to do was become a mobile convenience store in the pockets of thousands of customers.

The Rhodes 101 application has a points program that customers can redeem for free food, discounts on gas, and other complimentary perks. Customers who are in a rush can now schedule orders in advance, save time while filling at the pump, and quickly pick something up in the store. Customers who are too busy and can’t go to a Rhodes 101 at all can order food through the app and have it delivered. This delivery system has become a true resource for customers who just can’t go to a physical store at the moment.

One of the most remarkable features behind the Rhodes 101 application is the pay-at-the-pump functionality.

Every gas pump has a beacon installed so that the app can communicate with the pump when a customer is next to it. Since their purchase history is linked to their account, customers earn points for gasoline just as they do inside the store every time at the pump.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Rhodes 101 app

Rhodes was built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 11, iOS 12, and Android 8, Android 9. For the administrator and server-side, we used PHP with Laravel.

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