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REI Push

Real Estate

REI Push is an innovative product that gives real estate professionals and amateurs alike more power than ever before.

REI Push came to Chop Dawg to partner in their journey to make their already successful real estate product into a mobile app. The features offered by REI Push are especially invaluable for real estate professionals that are “on the go.” The app gives real estate professionals instant notifications on properties of interest and the ability to find and document leads as they drive. Real estate professionals can also instantly search for and find relevant details on properties, and easily develop a rapid mailing campaign to personally get in touch with property owners. The goal with this mobile app was to offer all of the necessities for the growing real estate professional.

REI Push offers a suite of direct response tools for real estate professionals.

There are some tools that are at the real estate professional’s disposal that go beyond the typical property search. Two in-app features, the voicemail drop functionality, and the direct mail order functionality, were particularly important for Chop Dawg to implement. These features are both invaluable for real estate professionals that want to get in contact with the current property owners that may be difficult to reach.

Documentation is an important tool for real estate professionals on REI Push.

The marketplace functionality gives real estate professionals the ability to display property information in a Facebook-style feed. Real estate professionals will have a lot of options on how they can display properties on the feed, and can keep it up for 90 days at a time. Another key function is the drive functionality on the mobile application, which can track leads on a map while the real estate professional is in transit. They can view their routes on the map in real time and also track their mileage for the day.

REI Push is available as a mobile app, but also as a powerful web application enabling convenient and rapid access to real estate professionals’ most valuable functions of their jobs.

Our team created a simple-to-use but robust admin backend for REI Push to gather data and statistics, upload and manage resources, and quickly update information. Subscribers to the existing REIPro also have the ability to push and send a property to their REIPro Properties section. This is an example of how we built REI Push to integrate seamlessly with mobile and desktop.

Some of the technology that we used to create the REI Push app

REI Push was built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 and Android 9, Android 10, Android 11.

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