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Sports & Betting

Premio is a state-of-the-art gaming mobile application, allowing sports fans (beginning with the NBA) to be more involved in each and every individual game.

Premio users are able to play prop bets and compete against others to take home the grand prize! NBA fans (and soon after launch, fans of MLB, NFL, and NHL) will be able to select their favorite teams and compete in games real-time as their favorite teams run on the court, skate on the ice, or run onto the field.

From there, they compete with hundreds (and eventually thousands) of other competitors with randomized prop bets that can earn them points. For example, with NBA games if users earn at least fifty points through each quarter, they move on to the next quarter. The last one standing with the most points earns the prize for that competition.

Creating a solid foundation to grow a viable company.

Working directly with the Premio team since late January of 2019 after being introduced by an existing Chop Dawg client, Chop Dawg has created a non-functional prototype on behalf of Premio to win over investors, limit liabilities and risk while introducing their idea.

The non-functional prototype demonstrates the entire user experience and all of the functionalities – think of this as the app without a brain yet. It demonstrates how users can participate in special games, such as the NBA Finals, NBA All-Star Game, and other notable events. Fans are able to track every single play, real-time scores, box scores, player contributions, and more.

Information from the games is fed into the app to determine the automated prop bets that users will be randomly provided with to respond within a time limit before each quarter begins.

Fans that are competing also have a messenger arena to talk smack! They’ll be able to see in real-time who is winning, who was eliminated and have the chance to maybe even make friends. Premio also has a weekly leaderboard and a lifetime leaderboard, to help determine who is the best of the best using the application and winning while doing it!

Premio has a built-in monetization strategy for its app.

Premio will earn revenue through users buying credits to participate in different games, and purchase additional prop bets during games to stand out and ensure they win against their pack. Premio will also contain advertisements throughout the application, to help generate additional revenue through what will be a highly-used, and niche audience that advertisers will love.

"They’re on top of things no matter what. gave us constant updates on their progress, so I always knew exactly what was happening on their end. I couldn’t have gotten anywhere without them. We had weekly conference calls with their team where they would put us on their screen to show us all of the new features and capabilities. It was like having a front-row seat.

I couldn’t have asked for a better team. We were just so impressed with their constant updates and great attitudes. It didn’t feel like they were working for me, it felt like we were working together. "

Mark Pirichian - Co-Founder

Some of the technology that we planned for the Premio app

Premio was created as a non-functional prototype, and was planned to be built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, and Android 9, Android 10. For the administrator and server-side, we will use PHP.

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