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Perfecting Pizza


Independent pizzerias experience a failure rate of about 60% in their first three years. Their average profit is only around 7%. These are shocking statistics, but they demonstrate a harsh reality that leads way too many good people into bankruptcy, divorce, and ruin.

Much of this can be traced back to most independent pizzerias not grasping the fundamentals of operating a restaurant. These fundamentals include (1) Knowing their Food Cost, (2) Knowing How to Price, (3) Establishing Portions and (4) Creating Procedures and Training Materials for their crew. Their failure to tackle these fundamentals is sometimes out of ignorance, but more often than not, it is out of a lack of time.

Most operators are busy wearing too many hats. They are putting out too many fires. While they want to sit down and keep track of their food costs, they just don’t have the time. But, most importantly, they don’t have the right tools. While most technology has come a long way over the last several decades, food costing tools are still stuck in the 90s. The existing tools are clunky, bloated, and too complicated to use.

Perfecting Pizza wanted to change that by building an app that is so simple to use there is no excuse to not keep proper track of food costs.

Once released, the Perfecting Pizza app will be straightforward to use, streamlined, intuitive, and will make sense to any operator. Perfecting Pizza will allow pizzerias to leave the vast spreadsheets behind with an app that they will actually want to use.

The completed application for Perfecting Pizza will be a free database-driven application only for current members of the platform. Members will use the iOS and Android interface to perform most functions, while being able to complete specific functions through a web interface eventually (in later versions).

"Chop Dawg is the right fit for us because they have delivered on time and on budget. The team is responsive and makes changes until we are happy. Consequently, they provide great value and deliver exactly what we want. The team set benchmarks and deadlines for four different milestones. They then stuck to that schedule. We have used weekly teleconferences to review progress and InVision to discuss the prototype. The latter is more efficient than email. We spoke to a dozen vendors, but Chop Dawg was nearly the only vendor that understood our small business needs. The team listened to our vision for the scale of our operations."

Michael Shepherd - President and Co-Founder

Some of the technology that we supported when we created Perfecting Pizza app

Perferfecting Pizza was created as a non-functional prototype, and was planned to be built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 11, iOS 12, and Android 8, Android 9.

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