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The Payload founding team understands the struggles general contractors face on job sites.

The CEO of Payload, Dominic Truelove, has seen his fair share of the daily problems and hiccups that can often disrupt a job’s progress as the sole proprietor of Spartan Drywall since 2008. One of the biggest pain points that he experienced came down to obtaining the necessary tools and materials while being on-site to get the job done.

As Dominic explained to Chop Dawg in our early conversations together, when contractors have to run to any home improvement store to pick up needed equipment and materials while on the job, it puts everything on pause. Time is money. And contractors are on the clock. When money is being spent without any work being provided, customers get understandably frustrated. Nobody wins in this situation.

Frustrated that there was no viable solution for general contractors, the team swore they would create a solution. Payload is an iPhone and Android application that allows managers on construction job sites to hire contractors to pick up the needed tools and equipment in real-time (or scheduled in advance).

Similar in functionality to apps such as Postmates, Uber, Instacart, and TaskRabbit, Payload allows job site managers to list what is needed in detail and ping any contractors on the app available to complete the pickup. Once the application chooses a contractor and they accept the job, they’ll be able to shop on behalf of the manager back on the job site.

For contractors buying the materials, the application will be incredibly intuitive.

Their debit cards will be used to complete the in-store purchases, but the app will auto-feed the balance necessary to complete the transaction in real-time. The contractor can communicate with app users through an integrated messenger, and also call with voice and video if they run into questions or need to replace an item. The contractor can also put in a change request for the app user to accept or deny.

For job site managers, they will not need to worry about their attention being taken away from the job on hand. They can follow along on the app to see their contractor’s location and the items they’re picking up until the job has been fulfilled. Afterward, the application will provide users the option to leave a tip and rating of their experience. The same goes for contractors, keeping everyone honest and building an ecosystem of trust and reliability on the app.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Payload app

Payload was built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 11, iOS 12, and Android 8, Android 9. For the administrator and server-side, we used PHP with Laravel, built on React.

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