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Inappropriately treated conditions can lead to worsening health over time or even untimely death. MedSplain aims to do something about this preventable problem

Simply talking to medical professionals can be tricky. Patients can often find it difficult to understand medical terms or instructions related to their diagnosis and treatment. This can leave patients confused, and more likely to poorly adhere to prescribed treatments. The confusion that follows can result in delayed or even a missed follow-up altogether. Patients may instead turn to “Dr. Google” or their peers for medical advice in the interim, leaving them vulnerable to preventable, negative medical outcomes. Dr. Nicole Longo approached Chop Dawg with the idea of MedSplain, an app to help patients navigate their diagnosis and treatment by bridging the communication divide between doctors and their patients.

Using MedSplain, users have instant access to a team of translators — verified, screened medical professionals to explain medical terminology in plain-English

MedSplain provides real-time clarification of medical terminology. It can deliver a simple explanation of a diagnosis, treatment and provider instructions. With just a few taps and at a nominal cost, anyone can have a better understanding of their condition and prescribed treatments. MedSplain is also a great tool for prevention. Utilizing a simple yet powerful interface, anyone will be able to view a curated repository of medical terms and definitions, view helpful content related to their questions, and even find local healthcare providers.

A key feature of MedSplain is the on-demand connection to translators via video chat for explanations in real-time

Sometimes, patients will need an speedy explanation of what medical terminology means. Once programmed, MedSplain brings the promise of supporting users in multiple timezones, country language support, as well as new payment options. As the app moves beyond the prototype stage, it will also include a state-of-the-art admin backend to easily manage users and their providers, track metrics, update content, and include relevant notifications and app alerts.

We started by crafting a non-functional prototype (NFP) together

Chop Dawg provided MedSplain with their decade of award-winning expertise to help them bring their app idea to fruition, starting with an NFP. The end result of this project will be a fully designed app for both the iPhone and Android, all of the editable assets ready for programmers to take control of, and a clickable NFP that can be demoed to prospective individuals essential to MedSplain’s success. Programmers will use this once the product is ready to begin programming on a next project and serve as a reference point for MedSplain when showing the vision of the product to others.

"Chop Dawg's ability to take my ideas and put them into this type of technology was phenomenal. They not only had artistic expertise but were also able to understand what I wanted to accomplish medically. While they’re not a medical company, they did an awesome job with a medial application."

Nicole Longo - Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Some of the technology that we plan to support when we program the MedSplain app

MedSplain was created as a non-functional prototype with Figma for coding someday soon using React Native and REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 and Android 9, Android 10, Android 11.

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