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Innovative Vending Solutions


Innovative Vending Solutions is the premier vendor of massage chairs, with a portfolio of more than 5,500+ chairs in over 500 mall properties, 29 airport locations, and 100+ travel plazas throughout North America.

Their patented technology kiosk expands the traditional massage chair service by providing the modern conveniences of mobile charging and accepting credit and mobile payments. Innovative is the nationally exclusive tenant with almost all the major property management groups, distinguishing themselves as the operator of choice for the massage chair concept. Innovative Vending Solutions also offers Zoomaroo; the most state-of-the-art stroller rides in the marketplace. Zoomaroo is a colorful, contemporary animal-themed stroller ride that children of all ages cannot resist. They provide practical features the consumer has come to expect in the modern marketplace; cup-holders, handles, trays, all elements that parents love. Innovative is looking to bring a modern-day consumer experience in the palm of their customers’ hands.

Innovative is building an application for their loyal customers to get the best experience possible from their product offerings.

Fans of their massage vending chairs can not only complete a transaction through the app, they will have the ability to control their experience on the chairs, too. With full customization, users can manage where they are receiving a massage on the chair, the pressure, and even the duration of the massage. Innovative is building an application for their customers to get the best experience possible from their existing product offerings. On the stroller side of things, parents and guardians of young children will have more accessibility and ease than ever before. With the ability to view in real-time what inventory is available, parents will be able to activate a stroller using a QR code. As soon as the ride is ready to come to an end, all the customer has to do is return the stroller, and mark the trip as completed. The entire transaction are stored right on the mobile app for safe-keeping.


The app introduces a new loyalty reward program, where customers of Innovative products can earn discounts, promotion codes, free massages and rides.

Innovative’s new loyalty reward program will introduce a lot of new consumer-rewarding behaviors that their customers will fall in love with — such as the ability to earn points for every transaction conducted with their products. Membership tiers will be introduced to incentivize repeat customers, rewarding with extra points, discounts only accessible to them, and so much more! And for the customers of the Innovative brand, a one-stop hub for all things concerning their favorite chairs and rides.

We started by crafting a non-functional prototype (NFP) together

Chop Dawg provided Innovative Vending Solutions with their decade of award-winning expertise to help them bring their app idea to fruition, starting with an NFP. The end result of this project will be a fully designed app for both the iPhone and Android, all of the editable assets ready for programmers to take control of, and a clickable NFP that can be demoed to prospective individuals essential to IVS’ success. Programmers will use this once the product is ready to begin programming and serve as a reference point for Innovative Vending Solutions when showing the vision of the product to others.

"ChopDawg is responsive and does quality work. They’ve encouraged us to be forward-thinking and have helped us push the limit. They were very encouraging and supportive throughout the process. They did a very good job from a project management perspective. There are 4–5 different pieces to this mobile app, and we’re doing something that nobody’s ever done before. ChopDawg had to engage with other organizations and provide directions. They were and continue to be an extraordinary member of the team."

Stephen Oatway - Chief Operating Officer at IVS

Some of the technology that we used to create the IVS app

Innovative Vending Solutions app was created as a non-functional prototype for coding someday soon using React Native and REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, iOS 14 and Android 9, Android 10, Android 11.

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