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Hire.Bid is a responsive website application built to allow professionals to auction off their free time to businesses and consumers that require their services.

Attorneys, accountants, graphic designers, interior decorators, and many more professionals have faced the issue of not being able to fill up all of their days with client work. Sometimes it’s hard to fill up that unused time with more client opportunities. What if they could easily make these few hours available to others for direct purchase? What if they could allow others to bid on their services? Perhaps even more important, what if these professionals, even at a discount, can book up their extra non-working hours so that they can earn more revenue and help even more businesses and consumers in their lifetime?

Hire.Bid reached out to Chop Dawg with an existing minimum viable product (MVP) that gave professionals this new opportunity. Because of this, Hire.Bid came in with user acquisition and retention data, and an adjusted and matured concept for the full product. Chop Dawg was up to the task of taking Hire.Bid from an MVP to a full product. We would help not only redesign and rethink the entire user experience for Hire.Bid, but set up a new programming structure to allow Hire.Bid to be scalable for the long term.

How could Hire.Bid offer a user experience that would guide consumers, businesses, and professionals to find new clients quickly? How could we turn this into a true hiring ecosystem? This would require features such as intelligent search and a clear vetting process.

After completing the product flow, both Hire.Bid and Chop Dawg felt confident in the new direction this product would be taking. We were able to come up with a solution that made user onboarding, engagement, and transactions easier than ever before. We were looking forward to moving ahead with building this new hiring ecosystem.

Hire.Bid required not only programming an auction/bidding experience, but a real-time transaction merchant that would allocate the proper funds from the consumer to the professionals without requiring any manual input.

The key to making Hire.Bid a successful web application would be to identify and build the essential automation features. The biggest issue of the MVP was that the bulk of the user interactions had to be manually set and approved by the consumers, professionals, and even the Hire.Bid staff. For the new and improved Hire.Bid, automating transactions was the first task.

Hire.Bid would also need real-time geolocation. For many services, consumers and businesses have to hire those within a certain mile radius of themselves. Unlike a mobile application, the web doesn’t have the same built-in geolocation services on older browsers and device. We built a backend that could support both new browser versions with real-time geolocation, and older browser versions with manual geolocation entry that could tie back into the platform in the same way.

The result of this project was an entirely rebuilt and revamped web application that would be easy to update for future iterations. It now provides Hire.Bid with a new foundation for their company that encourages profitability.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Hire.Bid app

Hire.Bid was built as a responsive website application using PHP, MySQL, HTML5, and CSS3. For the administrator and server-side, we also used PHP. The frontend website was created using HTML5 and CSS3.

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