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Short-Term Rentals

The sharing economy has taken off in recent years, but for those who would like to host someone in their homes, Airbnb isn’t for everyone. The same goes for guests…

The sharing economy doesn’t protect those who want to be more anonymous or those who are risk-averse to hosting strangers in their home. Understanding this, Guest-Rm was born, not only because they understood how large of a market this currently is, but because, the founder himself is a part of this market.

Guest-Rm was born in Philadelphia where small trinity homes are in abundant. It is difficult to host family and friends when most homes are large enough to support no more than an individual family from the get-go. With the fear and uncomfortability of services such as Airbnb, mixed with the built-in high prices, the cost of entry has become too daunting and too high. Guest-Rm was built to solve this.

Guest-Rm would only allow friends to stay within your circle, meaning your direct friends and family, or their friends and families if they have set up their listings to support it. You wouldn’t stay at a stranger’s place, nor would you have to pay large nightly fees. Guest-Rm, instead, would be an inexpensive one-time fee that covers the insurances and backings up making a booking.

Guest-Rm knew they were opening up to a new part of the market, and had to create a platform that would speak directly to them.

That is why when Chop Dawg worked hand-in-hand with Guest-Rm, both parties realized Guest-Rm had to be presented in not only a professional manner, but one that communicates trust, ease-of-use, and builds upon the sociable, trusting service it set out to accomplish from the early going.

Guest-Rm allows anyone to search based on their needs. That means searching for your friends, your family, by location, and email addresses. It needed to convey a user experience that would be easily relatable, somewhat familiar. Guest-Rm would put the people you already have relationships with at the headlight to ensure that for this new part of the marketplace, they would be welcomed with open arms instead of fair of the anonymous and ambiguity the sharing economy has represented in its early years.

"We’ve been very pleased with everything we’ve seen thus far. They’ve been very collaborative in presenting different color options, fonts, and layouts based on our questions. They’re also very open to feedback. All in all, we’re really appreciate what we’ve put together on the site, including the marketing and branding."

Joshua Angotti - Co-founder of Guest-Rm

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Guest-Rm app

Guest-Rm is a responsive website application built on PHP with Laravel using HTML5, CSS3, and Java. The frontend website uses WordPress which is also supported with PHP and MySQL.

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