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Social Networking

Greenskeeper is an iPhone application for the largest social network of golfers in the world, giving users the ability to engage with golf courses and golfers from around the globe.

When Greenskeeper reached out to Chop Dawg, they were already one of the largest golf social networks that had been operating for a decade, encompassing at times 65,000+ active daily users on their web application. But as their traffic was growing, it was also transitioning to mobile. The Greenskeeper team realized it was time to pull the trigger and create an iPhone application.

When we began working with Greenskeeper in the design phase, we immediately knew that the iPhone application design would need to take on a more current look compared to their website. Both parties agreed this would be a perfect opportunity to reinvent the user experience of Greenskeeper and introduce a more mobile-friendly brand.

The unique challenge for Greenskeeper app was that we had to develop around their existing database architecture and data that they have collected over the years. With having thousands of users, and just as many golf courses, we would need to port everything over to the iPhone app carefully. We also wanted to design a new innovative way to increase revenue opportunities for Greenskeeper, but without alienating their current base of advertisers.

When it came to programming Greenskeeper, we had to maintain the existing structure already in place while building a modern app around it.

We had to develop REST APIs to feed the current programming and databases already in place from the Greenskeeper website so that it would also function on their brand new iOS application. In plain English, we wanted to have any user interactions on the iPhone app show up on the web app, and anything that is done on the web app to show up on the iPhone app. The programming had to work in unison for Greenskeeper to be successful.

Users and golf courses both could create profiles, leave posts, real-time comments, upload pictures, and share scores. With real-time notifications and push notifications, a robust universal search, weather forecasts for courses, and relevant advertisements, we were building a social networking mobile application that was durable for the long term.

Greenskeeper ended up being designed and programmed as a beautiful app that was able to leverage the existing foundation the company had created ten years earlier.

"It’s been a pleasure working with Chop Dawg from the moment I first corresponded with them. Immediately, Chop Dawg has demonstrated the ability to understand my vision and expand on it. They have been an incredibly creative and motivated team committed to my satisfaction."

John Hakim - Founder of Greenskeeper

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Greenskeeper app

Greenskeeper was built as an iPhone application using Objective-C and with REST APIs. Greenskeeper was made to support iOS 8 and 9. For the administrator and server-side, we used PHP.

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