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FunDraft brings the addictive and fun concept behind fantasy football to everyone; except it’s not limited to just football or even sports.

In early April of 2019, Brooks Carmean reached out to Chop Dawg expressing his interest in having Chop Dawg partner with FunDraft to bring his product vision to reality.

With an extensive background in the world of fantasy football thanks to his experience as a producer on the award-winning podcasts The Fantasy Footballers and Spitballers Comedy, Brooks came to us with a unique perspective. He understood where the market for drafting games currently is and where it can go.. With the added benefit of having an active audience to build exposure for the app with ease, the idea behind a FunDraft app was a no-brainer.

Chop Dawg created a non-functional prototype of FunDraft for Brooks.

To test out Brooks’ concept without breaking the bank, Chop Dawg suggested to first create a non-functional prototype. This means creating the entire design of what the actual application will resemble once it is ready for real-world users.

FunDraft went through exact steps every client of Chop Dawg receives; wireframe designs of the entire product start-to-finish, detailed high fidelities showcasing a pixel-perfect representation of how the product will look on supported devices, and detailed product flow to act as blueprints for programming.

Instead, thanks to the power of InVision, Chop Dawg created a clickable hotspot demonstration of FunDraft, to allow Brooks to showcase a real non-functioning prototype of how FunDraft will work, behave, and act.

The beauty behind a non-functional prototype is that it can be a tangible asset for FunDraft to leverage. Once FunDraft has secured the proper funding, whether it is with Chop Dawg or any third party source, FunDraft can pick up where this project left off and have the app programmed for real-world usage.

FunDraft is actually inspired by the ending segment of every Spitballers Comedy Podcast episode, and from Brooks Carmean interacting with his friends and family across the country.

When you register on FunDraft, anyone can join or create their own draft. From there, you can draft on any subject matter. It could be drafting your own Marvel’s Avengers. It could be your favorite necessities as a homeowner. It could even be different breeds of dogs and cats. The possibilities behind drafting are literally endless.

Perhaps the most unique thing about this app is its ability to cater to any demographic. You can join a premade draft. You can invite friends and compete with them. You can spectate on other drafts. You can engage in real-time conversations. You can vote on the winner, even as a spectator. Every draft is tied directly into the FunDraft ecosystem.

Every person that wins in a draft will display on a global leaderboard, local leaderboard, and yes, even friend leaderboards to keep the competitive nature of drafting alive and fun!

FunDraft will be able to support a global draft of the week that can be sponsored by major brands and events.

Imagine a Marvel’s Avengers draft before the premiere of Endgame? How about a Super Bowl draft sponsored by the NFL? Maybe even a Home Depot draft on home appliances? Winners of sponsored drafts can earn more than just bragging rights, but real prizes and awards.

FunDraft has the opportunity to become a global phenomenon. There is an opportunity to change the way people think of fantasy sports and drafting. So FunDraft has the potential to become a cutting edge leader in the world of mobile entertainment. This non-functional prototype is the first step to make sure that potential happens.

"I couldn't be happier with the quality of the prototype. It's as good as I could have imagined it. I had the idea in mind, but I wouldn't have been able to put this together myself until I came to They helped me bring the concept to life. Their team created an outline of all the screens that the app would need, including ones I wouldn't have thought of. I could not have imagined a better tool to use in order to get my funding.

From beginning to end, has been so welcoming to me. They’ve said that I’m part of the ChopDawg family now, and I can still reach out to them and receive advice without issues. I really feel like more than a client to them. I don't have the words to describe how great an experience I've had with "

Brooks Carmean - Chief Executive Officer

Some of the technology that we planned for the FunDraft app

FunDraft was created as a non-functional prototype, and was planned to be built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, and Android 9, Android 10. For the administrator and server-side, we will use PHP.

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