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Flynn O’Hara

School Uniforms

A Philadelphia-based supplier and retailer of high-quality school uniforms, medical attire, and gym wear, Flynn O‘Hara was looking for a new way to improve the customer experience.

In early December 2018 Thomas Narkiewicz of Flynn O’Hara reached out to Chop Dawg about bringing the company’s vision for a future mobile experience to life. Flynn O’Hara had been trying to create new ways to speed up the lines when their customers are at their stores. During their busy seasons, customers would often wait in long lines during to speak with representatives to help them pick out their products.

And with client contact and address information often written by hand, this would lead to typos and issues down the road that can make the customer experience not as seamless as it could be. Determined to fix these issues, Flynn O’Hara sought to build a mobile application that can help to automate much of the ordering process while not losing the personal touch of a family-run business.

How a mobile application could be an extension of Flynn O’Hara continuing to put the customer first.

It was important that the mobile application would serve as a bridge to the existing customer website. This would be to allow customers to pick up where they left off or sign on for the first time to expedite the time spent in-store during the busy back-to-school season.

This includes the ability to pick out products in advance, the ability to be instructed how the process in the store will work, and for the mobile applications to confirm customer logistics such as address and payment information with no redundancies.

The mobile application was planned so that it could be rolled out in stages.

As the product validates itself over time and requires more scaling to help automate other vital parts of the Flynn O’Hara business.

Eventually, the mobile application will allow Flynn O’Hara the ability for in-store check-ins, QR codes to confirm orders with their existing terminals, and targeted push notifications for more engaging customer advertising.

Soon after the first phase of the application is released, future iterations of the mobile application will further update Flynn O’Hara’s infrastructure.

This includes being able to work directly with the POS systems at all Flynn O’Hara stores, being able to check out through the mobile applications, being able to give representatives at Flynn O’Hara their own app for finding and picking out the products needed in advance of a customer coming in, and so much more.

For the first phase, a non-functional prototype for Flynn O’Hara was created to help limit the potential risks and also collect strategic and important feedback before rolling out the product for more programming and store training to support it.

"I brought in along with another vendor, and they outshined that other vendor immensely. They weren’t a very starch kind of software shop; they were open to different ideas, and they brought their experience from other outfits to the table. They also had a very casual approach, which fit with our team. They impressed us with their understanding of how mobile applications work, but they also followed a workflow that met our requirements.

I just think is in-tune with the technology. They’re coming up with many different ideas, and they’re flexible. If all of a sudden, we were to go down an unforeseen path, they’d just take a couple of steps back and do it a different way, in order to satisfy us on how we want the app to work. They bring their mobile app knowledge to the table and they’re very easy to work with. I would highly recommend them."

Thomas Narkiewicz - Chief Technology Officer

Some of the technology that we planned for the FlynnO'Hara app

FlynnO'H was created as a non-functional prototype, and was planned to be built as an iPhone and Android application using React Native and with REST APIs, supporting iOS 12, iOS 13, and Android 9, Android 10. For the administrator and server-side, we will use PHP.

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