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Part-Time Jobs Board

For businesses posting new opportunities on traditional job board sites, listings are expensive and overly saturated. For businesses looking for part-time hires, this can be even more difficult to swallow. With high turnover and heavy costs and time invested, it’s simply not worth it.

The founder of Find a Gig realized there needed to be a better way to find part-time hires. He was facing this problem on a daily occurrence while owning multiple small businesses. With a majority part-time workforce, the excessive hiring costs were piling up, while not providing long-term ROI. He searched and searched for a solution, but found there was nothing out there that truly met the needs of small businesses looking for part-time hires. Find a Gig would be that solution.

Find a Gig had to solve two different problems with one, unique solution. First, how could employers lower the cost of entry to post a job opportunity? Second, how could they find talented and qualified part-time labor, without having to compete in a saturated market only to sink so much time and money?

And for part-time job seekers, how could they sell themselves and stick out in the crowd? How could they find the jobs they are most qualified for? Find a Gig was designed to connect these dots, powered by a sophisticated algorithm to guide part-time candidates through the discovery of finding a job.

The algorithm learns what both seekers and employers are looking for, and tunes the results over time to accommodate their preferences. Those on the hunt can find job openings that best fit their skillsets. Candidates will only need to parse through openings that they are qualified for. For employers, Find a Gig supports an interactive resume where they can see videos of candidates, review their resumes, portfolios, and even find school records. All with a few clicks of the mouse, or a tap of the finger.

Both a web app and mobile app would be necessary. Why?

For employers, an app that would support a keyboard and a mouse was a must. But employees would be looking for jobs their smartphones while following up via their personal computers. Having both a mobile app and a web app would serve these needs.

Chop Dawg and Find a Gig worked closely together to come up with an aesthetic that fit the company’s brand, but one that would also need to be bold enough to stand out from the crowd of heavy-hitting players already in the space. Both user groups have different standards for what works in design, so we came up with a design that fit somewhere in the middle.

Find a Gig needed to have privacy protection built in from the get-go. Given how many teenagers are in the part-time labor force, Find a Gig was built around two-party consent from employees and employers in order to ensure no ones information would ever be shared accidentally. In many states, you cannot disclose personal information until 18-years-old, and Find a Gig was designed to be compatible in those markets without any legal hiccups.

Some of the technology that we supported when we created the Find a Gig app

Find a Gig was built as an iPhone application using Swift, REST APIs, and made to support iOS 11. Find a Gig was also built as a responsive website application, supporting PHP with Laravel, HTML5, CSS3. The frontend website was created using WordPress.

"They are very timely with their responses and they are available at any time of the day and night. All of the receivables have been on time. If they give me a deadline when they're going to provide me with a wireframe, they always met the deadline. They're great to work with and I've been happy with their services."

Matt Mealey - Co-founder of Find a Gig

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We're a full stack design & development agency that is as hands-on as a CTO+Team out of the box. It is much harder to find a team with great chemistry that has the shared talent to back it up, and we take pride in our effort to achieve both.

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